Wholesale Antifraud: Orange Wholesale assessed as very strong by GlobalData

On 18-12-2023 at 12:05 by Orange
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In its latest report GlobalData assesses Orange Wholesale Security and Anti-Fraud solution as “very strong”. According to the analyst “Orange Wholesale offers a comprehensive cybersecurity range for networks including threat tracking, ID protection, and network audit and protection”. The reports adds that our “Tier 1 position allow us “to offer DDoS protection for IP Transit and IPX closer to attacks with numerous cleaning centers across the world”. At the same time, it points out that “Orange Wholesale is quickly adding new capabilities», such as in the fight against spam calls. GlobalData recalls that we have “launched an offer to allow customers to have a 360-degree view on their potential network vulnerabilities and fraud issues on mobile and voice activities”.  

Growing frauds and cyberattacks 

As Frauds and cyberattacks are continuing to increase in volume and sophistication. Malware attacks are spreading with the intent of driving traffic or obtaining personal data. In 2024, the fraud prevention landscape will be impacted by advancing methods of attacks, as well as regulation and industry initiatives to detect and mitigate fraud. IoT, 5G, and new roaming frauds based on VoLTE continue to pose a threat. New types of fraud include voice cloning using AI such as ChatGPT to impersonate family members or CEOs. The technology to detect this type of fraud is not as good as the attack. In response to growing demand from a widening range of customers including enterprises, Orange Wholesale responded by developing tools to support antifraud services, offering highly customizable fraud prevention-as-a-service solutions encompassing dedicated expertise and support teams, as well as developing innovative capabilities such as Artificial Intelligence. 

A unique solution on the market to fight fraud and to enhance security 

Orange Wholesale Security and Anti-Fraud solution is the only one on the market that gives operators the ability to check different elements of their core activities against potential weaknesses in one single report. Some actors are able to perform some bypass analysis on messaging activities but will not be able to do some penetration testing, and vice versa. Our strength resides in our convergent approach, which enables our customers to see identified fraud issues or vulnerabilities within one report and decide on which he/she needs to act. This will also help to provide evidence to convince organizations that action is required.  


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