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CC-Global Awards: Orange Wholesale once again winner in Berlin


Orange Wholesale is awarded at the CC-Global Awards 2024 ceremony on June 13th, in Berlin. This annual event has been held on the sideline of the 2024 GCCM gathering. With these rewards, Orange Wholesale is recognized for its visionary approach to carrier industry activities, including digital transformation, innovative mobility services, optimized security for all users and the great strides that have been made in terms of connectivity thanks to its global network. These achievements have been recognized by a panel of independent telecom analysts and experts from the wholesale community.

Commenting on this triumph, Emmanuel Rochas, CEO of Orange Wholesale International comments:
“These prices are the recognition of our lasting efforts to bring to our customers and the wholesale industry an extensive connectivity, high-level security and innovation. It is further proof that we are a trustworthy wholesale player, entirely dedicated to our customers and to the future of the industry”.


Best Global Operator

We are making the bold statement that the unique global reach of our networks is not a liability but the foundation on which we can build the trusted performance needed to launch acclaimed innovative services across the whole value range, delivering sustainable growth to lead the market responsibly. There is no standard to which the scale of Orange Wholesale can be compared. For Orange, the wholesale business represents no less than €7bn in revenue. We serve 298 million retail customers through affiliates, 1,300 wholesale customers and their 1.5 billion users on 5 continents. This award is also a reward to the work done by our 3,300-expert staff from 40 different nationalities located in 30 offices around the world.

Best Global Network

Orange Wholesale unites the forces of 5 different businesses to mobilize and develop truly global network assets, making us more agile and resourceful in directly answering customer needs. This connectivity powerhouse generates positive cashflows allowing Orange Wholesale to innovate on its own project in response to market needs. Orange Wholesale represents a network footprint with no market equivalent in reach and diversity. The performance and scalability of this network is evidenced through several offers and recognized by this award.

Telecoms Sustainability

Orange will reach net zero carbon by 2040. As a leading player in wholesale telecoms managing the Group’s global infrastructure assets, Orange Wholesale plays a key role in achieving this ambition. To accomplish such a Group-level priority relies on a wholesale-level reality of concrete action, but also on personal affinities and passion. We’re doing it for ourselves, we’re doing it for our customers and for their users. This award comes as a recognition of the work done in this field by Orange Wholesale, in line with Orange’s plan to reduce our own carbon emissions by as much as 90%. Intermediate targets include 30% CO2 emission reduction by 2025 and 45% by 2030.

CEO of the Year

Michaël Trabbia was appointed CEO of Orange Wholesale and Executive VP of Orange Group in April 2023.This promotion stands as crowning achievement of a career fully dedicated to telecoms and networks. During the past year, he has put all the components of Orange Wholesale into battle to make it a powerful tool for conquest in a highly competitive market. This Award for Best CEO of the Year is recognition for this work of integration. Looking back on his career, every step adds up to account for Michaël Trabbia’s success in the launch of one of the world’s most trusted wholesale connectivity brands. The story is one of a steadfast belief in innovation with a positive impact on the possibilities offered by global telecommunications, on the profitability of Orange’s operations and on the environmental sustainability of progress for all.

The ceremony


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