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A word from Marc Blanchet, Director of Orange Wholesale France

Marc Blanchet

Orange Wholesale France, today, is a complete range of offers that brings you the best of our networks.

In a market marked by strong changes, operators need a partner capable of offering them a quality network at the cutting edge of innovation. In this respect, we have an essential role to play with you. With more than 1,300 employees specializing in every area of wholesale, we are committed to delivering a customer experience that meets your needs.

Connecting the digital world through wholesale solutions of unparalleled quality is our mission.

Find all our solutions and proposals to support your business on this website, dedicated to the wholesale market.

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Our organisation

Orange Wholesale France brings wholesale and bulk purchasing together in the Orange Group’s domestic fixed and mobile markets in France, including:

  • Developing inter-operator, partner, wholesale and bulk purchasing agreements, whatever the type of access (fixed, mobile, fibre, ADSL, and Wi-Fi)
  • Marketing wholesale solutions and trademark licences
  • Business development and new partnerships, particularly for contactless payment services
  • Managing relationships with Operators and service providers in France
  • Negotiating purchase and sale contracts
  • Order and delivery tracking
  • Post-sale service
  • Billing, collection, and certification
  • Additional services (Information System (IS), management control, process, quality, HR, strategy, communications)

Our activities are organised as follows:

Operational Departments:

  • Mobile Partners and Interconnection Department
  • Fixed Commercial Department
  • Fixed Marketing Department
  • Wholesale Purchase Department

Support Departments:

  • Operator Services, Quality, Process, and Information System Department
  • Finance and Performance Department
  • Human Resources Department
  • Customer, Community, Communications and CSR Department
  • Strategic Projects Department

All of our departments work closely with the Legal Department.