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Global Carriers Awards: Orange Wholesale crowned again


Orange Wholesale is delighted to announce that it has been rewarded at the Global Carriers Awards ceremony on October 18, 2023, in London. Orange is crowned as Best Global Wholesale Carrier – Data, Best Global Wholesale Carrier – Voice, and Best Wholesale Sales Team. The Global Carrier Awards are the most prestigious awards program in wholesale telecoms held alongside Capacity Europe. The jury is made up of an independent experts panel from across the telecom sector, all with immense experience and knowledge to help them select the best in the industry.

With these achievements, Orange Wholesale is once again recognized for its visionary approach to carrier activities, including the work done for reimagining voice industry, enhancing its data footprint as well as capabilities, thanks to innovative solutions. Besides, Orange Wholesale sales team is awarded for the quality of its task force made of cultural diversity and proximity.

This year, the awards have been accepted by Michaël Trabbia, CEO of Orange Wholesale and Emmanuel Rochas, CEO of Orange Wholesale International. Commenting on this extraordinary success, Michaël Trabbia stressed that “this is a wonderful launch for Orange Wholesale with 3 awards out of 3 nominations”. He adds saying this is proof “by joining forces, we are bringing together our expertise and powering global connectivity”.


In a fast-changing environment, Orange Wholesale keeps expanding the reach of its network and capabilities of its solutions to bring the most advanced data offering among global wholesalers. Our market-beating growth in bandwidth, IP and latest forays into CDN and satellite, as well as our demonstrated ability to deal with complex, cross-border demands of new customer like cloud and content providers stand for our ability to deliver future-proof performance in data services.


Orange Wholesale has developed the most global network in the world to help its customers go the extra mile as well as the most advanced array of legacy voice, mobile, roaming, messaging and security solutions. This is about preserving margins, increasing both volumes and value. We’ve reached a stage where we don’t merely do it for ourselves: we do it to for our customers and the voice market as a whole. This is our responsibility to voice.


Orange Wholesale sales teams are a truly global task force working out both large, cross-border deals and off-the-shelf premium connectivity solutions for an increasingly varied customer base. Their cultural diversity and proximity make them ever closer to customers, while their dedication and creativity unlock their most complex needs with innovative solutions. Their impact on financial and customer satisfaction metrics are verified day after day.


A trusted partner for customers

Orange Wholesale is a responsible telecommunication services wholesaler offering operators and content providers worldwide the supportive force of an all-star team in the field of global connectivity. Orange Wholesale leverages the assets of several acclaimed Orange businesses providing complete wholesale telecommunication solutions for the French market, leading global connectivity services, as well as advanced network infrastructure for voice, data and mobile, on the land, under the seas and in space. In this ever-changing, ever-challenging landscape where one paradigm shift replaces another, we deliver our customers and partners the Orange promise to “lead the future” - together.