Orange Wholesale: an end-to-end, global connectivity and infrastructure force


In a world where digital is as essential as the air we breathe, we believe in the power of wholesale. The power to bring connectivity everywhere and deliver it as a service, the power to ensure resilience and security, and the power to reduce both operational costs and carbon footprint by mutualizing infrastructure and networks.

In order to offer operators and content providers the support of an all-star team in global connectivity, Orange Wholesale brings under the same umbrella several acclaimed Orange businesses. They include providers of complete wholesale telecommunication solutions for the French market, an acclaimed player in global voice, data and mobile connectivity services, a specialist of innovative network infrastructure on the land, under the seas, in the air and in space, as well as Orange Marine, one of the world’s largest fleets of cable ships and Totem, a leading European Towerco. 

One-stop-shop global solutions, end-to-end security and as-a-service connectivity 

We are bringing all these forces together to help our customers and partners better address today’s challenges. We believe that wholesale telecommunication market players have a key role to play to to meet the needs for connectivity and new usages, guarantee security as digital tools are becoming critical assets, while factoring in growing concerns for social and environmental responsibility.

The rise of Orange Wholesale will enable operators to focus on their users while minimizing their own investments and carbon footprint, relying on the support of our industry experts to tackle these challenges and anticipate the next disruption.

This mutualization is a strength. Leveraging the integration of our human and infrastructure assets us to invest more in innovation, in line with Orange’s strategy to “lead the future”, yielding benefits to all.

Orange Wholesale’s efforts are aimed in three directions:

  • One-stop-shop connectivity solutions sourced across all Orange Wholesale lines of business,
  • Resilience and end-to-end security, with new solutions taking advantage of the comprehensiveness of our proprietary infrastructure,
  • As-a-service infrastructures and As-a-service connectivity thanks to a growing softwarization of our networks, automation and Artificial Intelligence. Our push to introduce APIzation in a growing part of our digital offering, or the introduction of our United Way interface to enhance the customer experience of our French Market customers are two concrete illustrations of this ambition.

Crucially, our strategy aimed at investing in our infrastructure and networks is based on an “industry-centric” approach, taking into account the needs of the market in its entirety.

Finally, it’s our commitment to act as a trusted, open, neutral partner, giving all our customers the same level of excellence. 

We are confident in our capacity to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow, for ourselves, our customers and partners – together.