Our sustainable commitment for a faster, more energy-efficient CDN


With its new Content Delivery Boost, Orange Wholesale is bringing to the market, a faster and more energy efficient CDN solution. Achieving two seemingly conflicting goals is a constant concern at Orange, as the solutions we develop demonstrate that we care about sustainable telecommunications not only for ourselves, but also for our customers.

Reducing both latency and energy consumption at the same time may seem contradictory when it comes to content delivery. However, Orange Wholesale is now optimizing its Content Delivery Network solution by doing just that, thanks to smart network optimization and innovative partnerships.

Network optimization and partnerships

These seemingly contradictory feats are achieved through smart partnerships with companies such as QUANTEEC, which offers an integrated extension for the operator's video player and transforms end-users into advanced re-streamers. As Laurent Dufour, CDN Account Manager at Orange Wholesale explains, “this partnership helps us handle viewing peaks, minimize broadcasting costs and optimize energy consumption”. This is not an isolated move. He adds that, “Orange Wholesale expanded its footprint and delivered enriched content to customers and end-users with low latency, minimizing the need for costly and energy-intensive infrastructures.”

Building sustainable solutions to help our customers reach their carbon footprint reduction goals

Orange is dedicated to bringing sustainable communication solutions to the market. It is committed to be net zero carbon by 2040 and has a target to reduce its carbon impact by 45% between 2020 and 2030. This will be achieved by reducing the Group’s energy consumption, using refurbished equipment, optimizing any deployment, as well as partnering with innovative startups such as QUANTEEC to improve energy efficiency.

According to Daniel Negru, CEO of QUANTEEC, “combining the Orange Wholesale CDN with QUANTEEC technology offers the market a new, innovative and green alternative for the distribution of audiovisual content”.

Laurent Talibart, CDN Business Development Director at Orange Wholesale, explains that future developments are already on the table: “another opportunity will be to accompany the explosion of content in Africa and to sustain the continent’s net-zero carbon future in the long-term thanks to renewable energies”.

By designing more energy-efficient solutions like this trusted CDN to limit both its own carbon footprint, and also that of its customers, Orange Wholesale actively contributes to sustainable telecommunications and internet traffic.