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Orange's CDN offer

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Enhancing content delivery with Content Delivery Network (CDN) and Edge solutions

Orange boasts one of the world's most extensive IP networks and strategically deploys Content Delivery Network (CDN) and Edge servers worldwide.

Our goal is to exceed the expectations of various industry players, including Broadcasters, OTT providers, Retailers, the public sector and the Banking & Finance sector, as well as anyone with a strategic online presence.

As the only network operator to own a CDN platform, Orange has the ability to manage end-to-end solutions and to have the global view of the ecosystem.

Orange's trusted CDN for secured content

At Orange, we understand the importance of trust and security in safeguarding your valuable content.
Our Trusted CDN offers a robust suite of features to ensure your content remains safe and accessible:

  1. European assurance: With our France-based organization governed by EU law, your data's security and privacy are paramount. Your content is stored within the EU for peace of mind.

  2. Robust infrastructure: Embedded inside our network and Points of Presence (PoPs), we ensure a highly resilient architecture for reliable content availability.

  3. Continuous enhancement: Our commitment to continuous improvement guarantees exceptional performance for all your content delivery needs.

  4. Stringent security: Our procedures undergo rigorous internal and external security audits. We employ advanced multi-factor authentication tools to enhance data security.

  5. Data protection: We take data protection seriously. Personal data is securely backed up and stored in encrypted copies for maximum security.


Orange's CDN benefits

Tailored CDN solutions for your needs

Whether you focus on security, web acceleration or media delivery, we deliver comprehensive CDN solutions that fit your requirements.

Our Content Delivery Boost platform is designed to provide a top-tier service, continually optimized to deliver a multitude of benefits.

user experience

Speed up content delivery, minimize latency, and boost performance, availability, and reliability.

and reliability

Protect your digital assets with our secure solutions.

Ease of

Save time and resources with our user-friendly operations and proactive support.


Enjoy cost savings without compromising quality.

Orange's CDN networks

Tailored global delivery with regional benefits

Orange Wholesale International has been investing massively to deliver the best CDN solutions. We keep expanding our global footprint by deploying new content PoPs closer to your end-users worldwide.


Global CDN footprint

With 200 strategically located content PoPs worldwide, Orange brings content closer to your global audience, ensuring fast and reliable access for your end-users.

Orange_CDN_France (1)

French CDN footprint

  • Outstanding performance
  • 12 strategic POPs, fully integrated
  • Comprehensive ecosystem view

Middle East and Africa

  • Part of Orange DNA
  • Presence in 18 MEA countries
  • 30 PoPs
  • Key for effectively managing growing web traffic.


Orange's CDN key features

Orange's CDN technical and user features, as well as its extensive footprint place Content Delivery Boost above most industry standards.


HTTP/2, HTTP/3, TLS 1.3, acceleration, security.


Live analytics, alerts, reporting, monitoring.


Intuitive portal and Full set of APIs

Global reach
& pricing

Partnership to extend our footprint, adaptable pricing

Custom CDN solutions for industry verticals

  • Reduce latency, rebuffering
  • Ensure top video quality
  • Create a broadcast-like experience
  • Lengthen session duration
  • Drive engagement cost-effectively

  • Accelerate updates, reduce latency
  • Enhance security and scalability
  • Minimize infrastructure costs
  • Gain detailed analytics, reduce operational expenses
  • Simplify IT operations, drive revenue globally, maintain high engagement

  • Maximize conversions and ROI
  • Accelerate transactions and optimize image file management
  • Protect assets, increase reliability
  • Foster "good bots," enhance branding
  • Reach new customers and accelerate dynamic content

  • Accelerate dynamic content and improve application performance
  • Monitor and alert to maintain site availability
  • Reduce infrastructure complexity and maintenance costs
  • Increase security and optimize scalability by design
  • Minimize infrastructure and provide detailed analytics
  • Decrease operational costs and simplify the IT stack to deliver a high-quality experience

Orange's CDN service & support


Experience strong support

  • Customer success: our focus is your success.
  • Comprehensive services: we offer consulting, support, and advisory.
  • Trusted advisor: rely on us for guidance.
  • Proactive support: we anticipate and act.
  • Key asset: recognized by Orange.
  • 24/7 Premium support: assistance, anytime.

Our customers' testimonials


Bernard Azria
CEO at Côte Ouest Audiovisuel

“We found that Orange CDB is the ideal solution for our content delivery needs. It’s a pay-as-you-grow model, managed by experts and it’s available in the regions where mobile broadband is growing at a strong pace.”

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David Gueye
Digital Deputy head at TV5 Monde

“Using Orange's content delivery boost solution for our mobile application allows us to guarantee an increased quality of service in countries where we know the challenges that data accessibility can represent.”


Denis Pagnac
CEO at Summview

“Our primary business is to address Africa and Europe, and eventually become global. Orange’s CDN allows us to keep our source content in the two locations where we are located, and to distribute them to multiple countries. Not having the burden to replicate the content and our technical infrastructure in all countries where we develop the business brings us a huge flexibility in terms of sales strategy and go-to-market.”

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Daniel Négru
Co-founder and CEO at QUANTEEC

"Together with Orange, we hope to be able to further refine the way in which we calculate the savings delivered by our solution on a customer-by-customer basis. I believe that together we are building the streaming service of the future, highly efficient and environmentally friendly."

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