Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL)

Connect sites worldwide with our reliable L2 Ethernet EVPL service

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Our mission is to provide you with the best ethernet services to meet your or your customers' business needs.

With our MEF 3.0 certified EVPL ethernet service, you can easily connect two customers sites or data centers worldwide with a reliable, highly scalable and cost-effective solution.


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You can order EVPL connectivity easily and autonomously from Orange eCare or API.


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A reliable ethernet service based on our international MPLS network

EVPL is an e-line service provided on top over our MPLS network. This point-to-point connection is available from 2 Mbps up to 10 Gbps, which offers you high scalability and flexibility to meet your customers' growing needs. Using Ethernet pseudo wire technology, it connects two geographically distant customer sites with an emulated link over an IP/MPLS backbone.
This service can be used to connect customer locations to datacenters, to interconnect data centers, or to connect enterprise locations to cloud service providers.


Tick_confirmation_19371 MEF 3.0 certified

A trusted standard based service, simple and easy to implement with fast delivery time

improve-2 From 2Mbps to 10Gbps

A scalable and cost-effective solution to follow any bandwidth increase without interruption

internet_browser_19371 A robust global backbone

A fully redundant network with a worldwide reach, a unique presence in Africa and full coverage of France.

icon-shopping.svg Online and API

With EVPL online, connectivity services can be managed and monitored online in real time with high flexibility.

Benefit from our high-performance ethernet connectivity worldwide

Plug & Play

• A standard technology and MEF certified product (MEF 3.0) 
• A transparent layer 2 service adapted to corporate's LAN interconnections

Safe & reliable

• A native protection of connectivity thanks to the redundancy of our MPLS backbone
• 99,99% monthly availability guaranteed


 • Possibility to order and monitor your EVPL services online in real time & 24/7
 • Delivery of services can occur in less than 1 minute

Choose our EVPL ethernet service that best suits your ethernet connectivity needs

Essential Dynamic Intense
Capacity and baseline services
Class of Service Standard Premium Premium
Availability Rate SLA
Guaranteed-Time-to-Restore (GTR)
Fast delivery Option Option
Orange eCare
Customer service center
Global Service Management
Proactive penalty management
E2E tests Option

EVPL Intense offers the highest commitment in terms of performance as you are granted:

  • Advanced SLA with high availability rate and Guaranteed-Time-to-Restore (GTR)
  • Strong support from a Global Service Manager: he will be your point of contact on quality of service and his expertise will help you manage the performances of the circuits we provide and advise some recommendations in terms of architecture evolution
  • Proactive penalty management which means that we care on your behalf about implementing our contractual commitments in terms of SLA

Our network and infrastructure

EVPL benefits from a unique international coverage 

An extensive network infrastructure across the globe with more than 120 datacenters in Europe, the US, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. 
A unique presence in Africa with PoPs in Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Djibouti, South Africa and Djoliba's new destinations such as Burkina Faso, Guinea, Liberia, Mali and Senegal.
Coverage of France: a seamless solution to any French customer site.



EVPL online: a network as a service

Using network automation and digital management technologies, EVPL is available through Orange eCare or API: quotation, feasibility, and order can be triggered in minutes, and delivery reduced up to 1mn thanks to SDN technologies. With our EVPL online, customers benefit from agility and flexibility via Orange eCare.  They can integrate our EVPL reach in your own value proposition via our API.



Connect to cloud services

Because your customers need reliable connectivity and high quality of service when using critical applications hosted in the cloud, we have connected our EVPL (Ethernet Virtual Private Line) network to leading cloud service providers (AWS, Azur, Cisco, Google Cloud, and Oracle).

EVPL sets up a dedicated private connection between your customers’ sites worldwide and cloud service providers based in Europe, with a high-performance and low RTD connectivity solution.

Our data solutions awarded at the Global Carrier Awards

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