About us

Discover acclaimed global wholesale connectivity solutions across the telecommunications value chain.

A trusted partner for global wholesale connectivity solutions

We stand out as one of the most integrated global operators of wholesale connectivity services, providing global telecommunication solutions and reliable networks, receiving widespread acclaim from both our customers and the industry.


Who we are

An integrated operator of carrier grade services

Orange Wholesale is recognized internationally as a trusted, responsible wholesale telecommunication solutions provider.
To deliver cutting-edge wholesale solutions, we rely on an all-star team of connectivity experts, as well as advanced customer care options.

1,000 +

multi-service PoPs


roaming agreements

29 bn

minutes voice carried


global offices

What we do

Providing Tier-1 international telecommunication services

Our value offer includes the largest arrays of off-the-shelf and bespoke solutions for more specific needs. 

Designing bespoke, fully customized expert capacity solutions



In addition to these wholesale telecommunication services, we have the resources and market expertise to propose custom, tailor-made professional services worldwide.
These solutions cover specific, even cross-border needs of pure wholesale telecom providers, as well as large operators.


Uncover professional services

The difference

Going the extra-mile in customer care and network connectivity

Orange Wholesale brings to its customers the benefits of an unmatched global network across all connectivity types and diversified customer support options.

Furthering global connectivity networks throughout the world

As a global integrated operator, we provide one of the most complete range of network infrastructure options worldwide, covering all connectivity types:


Under the seas with our
450,000 km
of submarine cables

On the land with
45,000 km
of terrestrial cables

In the air thanks to our

In space with our
satellite antennas


Explore our networks

Explore Our Cutting-Edge Infrastructure with our Interactive Map

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The results

All-round performance acclaimed by customers and the telecom industry

As a committed player for bettering global connectivity, we’ve developed a unique market knowledge that has earned us widespread recognition from both our customers and the industry at large.


Customer satisfaction to drive us further

At Orange Wholesale, our most valued business metric is the satisfaction of our customers. Whether these customers and partners are international operators, MNOs, MVNOs or hyperscalers, no matter how big or how small, we are fully dedicated to delivering the highest standards of service levels.
Their testimonials speak volumes about our dedication to help them meet the expectations of their most demanding users.


An industry-acclaimed wholesale telecom carrier

Since the days when Orange Wholesale as known as Orange International Carriers, our expertise in connectivity services has been widely recognized by the industry. Our pursuit of perfection and spirit of innovation has earned us an impressive list of industry awards and analyst recognition that obliges us to push our limits even further.