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Magazine #14

Trusted Partner

Orange Wholesale is not merely selling connectivity products. Or solutions. Or services. What we’re actually selling is trust.
The trust our customers have in our capacity to reward the trust that their own users have placed in them.


Magazine #13

Focus Caring for you

At Orange Wholesale, we believe we have a duty of care. Through our customer service, regional teams, bespoke solutions and corporate, social and environmental responsibility policies, we show that we care for our customers and partners, and also, on their behalf.

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Magazine #12

Focus Shaping value

As part of the new Orange Wholesale initiative, we’re standing stronger at the side of our customers and partners to deliver the value they expect, through our upgraded service range, expanded infrastructure and enlarged team of experts.


Special edition

Women in Tech

You are regularly informed about our efforts to fulfil our commitment to diversity and inclusion. For instance, you may already know that we are proud to have 50% women in our board of directors.


Magazine #11

Focus On the move

Whether related to mobile services or data transportation, Orange Wholesale International’ latest innovations are a testimony of our commitment to keep moving on up with you.
A fascinating aspect of telecommunications is that the very concept of mobility is always moving.

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Magazine #10

Focus Committed for tomorrow

We are convinced that equality is a powerful enabler for economic and social performance. But not only. We also give everyone the keys to a responsible digital world and we ensure that in everything we do, digital technology is designed, made available and used in a more inclusive and sustainable way.

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Magazine #09

Focus To The Futures

We believe that to remain relevant in a fast-transforming market, wholesalers need to reinvent themselves. But smart innovation is not about chasing rainbows. It’s about giving our customers what they’re asking for, empowering them to fulfil their own expectations. We call it building ways to the Futures.

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Magazine #08

Focus Business Match

Orange Wholesale International offers a streamlined product portfolio with select products available online. We provide modern resources to address decreasing revenue trends and have a strong network with secure global connectivity. Our performance indicators are very strong, and we prioritize sound CSR values, including workplace diversity.

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Magazine #07

Focus Beyond Connectivity

There is no question about it, the pandemic has triggered a quantum leap in the digital transformation and, as a result, connectivity requirements have been transformed forever. Expectations are now all about automated, virtualized, seamless, secured networks that offer both global reach and real-time scalable bandwidth.

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Magazine #06

Focus Simply Digital

Cloudification and automation, accelerated by the virtualization of everything, have amplified our hunger for real-time, self-serve and tailored buying experiences that are only a click away. There is no question about it, we are in the midst of the digital decade and this is revolutionizing customer interactions.

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Magazine #05

Focus Embracing Convergence

Seamless, stress-free customer experience is the bedrock of high performance, and we deliver this through our sweeping range of convergent solutions.

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Magazine #04

Focus Agile Together

Agility has become a 'must have' as it enables organizations to embrace change and volatility as an opportunity and in many ways, it is now a differentiator for success.


Magazine #03

Focus Here For You

We are increasing the level of automation in our processes, networks and IT to bring you ‘peace of mind’ and to meet your needs in a fast evolving environment.


Magazine #02

Focus Customer Value

We are as passionate about delivering as we are about listening to our customers.


Magazine #01

Focus Connectivity

Unimagined paths to the future are opening up with a fuly connected environment.