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Fighting telecom fraud and cyber crime matters to you? Good news because it does matter to us

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Our security & anti-fraud offers

360° Checkup

A clear picture of your vulnerabilities and potential fraud issues along with remediation propositions in a single report.


Protect your business from fraudulent interconnect bypass, revenue assurance leakage, enhance the quality of service and provide greater security to financial transactions.

Voice Hubbing

The high-value range of our Hubbing offer, with an embedded anti-fraud mechanism that analyses, detects and blocks fraudulent calls.

DDoS Protection

A proactive protection of your IP Transit against DDoS attacks thanks to our IP Transit DDoS cleaning platform.

Signalling Detect & Protect

Signalling Detect and Protect helps you to protect your end-users from signalling vulnerabilities.

SMS Fraud Detection

Audit your network and detect potential revenue leakage.

SMS Protect

SMS Protect, among SMS A2P for MNO intense.

SMS Control

A security solution to protect all international incoming SMS roaming and interworking traffic against fraud and bypass.

Vulnerability Intelligence

Complete and permanent monitoring system to benefit from a qualified and unique source of information in order to maintain an optimal state of security for information systems.

Audit & Consulting

A snapshot of your entity's security level by assessing the compliance of technical and organizational security measures.

Ethical Hacking

Provide customers with objective and real-world assessments of security weaknesses, vulnerability, risk, and remediation options.

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