Ethical Hacking

Ethical hacking services provide customers with objective and real-world assessments of security weaknesses, vulnerability, risk, and remediation options

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The context

With the adoption of new technologies and Business practices such as Cloud computing, SaaS and virtualization, Bring-your-own-device, IT outsourcing, IoT devices, Nomadism… companies face increasingly targeted and sophisticated attacks from organized crime, hacktivism, nation-states, politics, individuals or students.

Despite the measures, firewalls, IPS – intrusion prevention system, anti-virus, best-of-breed security architecture, automated checks… many businesses fall victim to these attacks due to unintentional errors.

As a result, companies are beginning to recognize the importance of human experience and analysis: this is the essence of Ethical hacking.

Ethical hacking services provide customers with objective and real-world assessments of security weaknesses, vulnerability, risk, and remediation options.  It is gaining attention as an essential security practice.


Did you know?

In 95% of the cases, a hacker, once introduced inside your information system, can hack your user's password database.

Our Ethical Hacking offer of Orange Wholesale International

The Ethical Hacking offer consists of simulating from the internet a hacker attack on the assets of the customer that are included in the scope of the mission, collecting the proofs of threat, analyzing their impacts, identifying countermeasures and sharing our findings and remediation suggestions during a restitution meeting. This offer is available in 2 versions:

  • Ethical Hacking of a website
  • Ethical Hacking of a network /24

Your benefits

Complex Enterprise Networks Require Security Expertise

Expertise is expensive to cultivate, and ethical hacking companies must invest heavily to develop the skills of their auditors. Businesses can then leverage these expert recommendations to fix security vulnerabilities and implement security tools more effectively.

Ethical hacking enables you to train your staff, creating security awareness at all levels throughout your business.

Ethical Hacking Provides Objective Analysis & Validation

An organization cannot conduct a fair assessment of its security posture due to its pre-existing knowledge of security weaknesses, security infrastructure, and the value of target systems. This pre-existing knowledge influences testing methodology or scope and provides inaccurate assessment results.

Ethical hacking enables you to adjust your security measures by building a computer system that prevents hackers gaining access

Think of Security as a Business Enabler

Businesses should consider a strong information security program as an investment in its brand name. This is particularly true for businesses that rely extensively on information technologies since a security breach can deter future business.

Ethical hacking enables you to enact security practices by managing adequate measures to prevent a data breach.


How it works

Typically performed in 5 days across 3 weeks by our certified experts, an Ethical hacking mission encompasses:

  • A phase of scoping to define the perimeter of the audit with the customer
  • A phase of ethical hacking to gather information, attempt intrusion and collect proof of evidence
  • A phase of analysis and synthesis to analyze the impacts, identify the countermeasures and propose an action plan
  • A phase of restitution to share the results of the mission and the remediation suggestions of our expert

Certified experts

We have been a specialist in Ethical Hacking analysis for more than 15 years. Its team encompasses tens of certified experts. Specifically for Ethical Hacking missions:

  • CISA – Certified Information Systems Auditor
  • CISM – Certified Information Security Manager
  • OSCE – Offensive Security Certified Expert
  • CEH – Certified Ethical Hacker
  • OSCP – Offensive Security Certified Professional
  • CISSP – Certified Information Systems Security Professional

Do not wait the attack, order an Ethical Hacking audit now!

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