Global Carriers Awards 2022: Orange Wholesale International serial winner!

On 20-10-2022
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Orange Wholesale International is delighted to announce that it has been rewarded at the Global Carriers Awards ceremony on October 19, 2022, in London. Orange is crowned as Best Global Wholesale Carrier – Data, Best Global Wholesale Carrier – Voice, and for the Best Anti-Fraud Innovation. The Global Carrier Awards are the most prestigious awards programme in wholesale telecoms and connectivity held alongside Capacity Europe. The jury is made up of an independent expert panel from across the telecom sector, all with immense experience and knowledge to help them select the best in the industry.

With these achievements, Orange is recognized for its overall innovative and visionary approach to carrier industry activities, including enhanced security for its customers as well as the work done for reimagining voice industry and enhancing its data footprint and capabilities thanks to innovative solutions. 

This year, the awards have been accepted by Orange Wholesale International CEO Emmanuel Rochas. Commenting on this huge success, he stressed that “we always focus on what really matters to our customers and partners”, adding that “offering the best customer value in the market requires a highly connected network and strong expertise but also in-and-out digital transformation through investments and smart innovation”. He concludes by pointing out that Orange Wholesale International is “grateful that the judges have acknowledged our experience and proficiency in the industry. It is further proof that we are a trustworthy, dynamic and flexible wholesale player, entirely dedicated to our customers and to the future of the industry.”  

The awards we won:

Best Voice Best Data Global Wholesale Carrier - Data Best Anti-Fraud Innovation

•    Best Global Wholesale Carrier – Voice
•    Best Wholesale Carrier – Data
•    Best Anti-Fraud Innovation

Best Global Wholesale Carrier – Voice

Orange is offering a complete portfolio of future-proofed solutions, from Hubbing Dynamic features to global outsourcing, from corridors to cloud numbers. All assets are fully powered by automated trading and routing platforms, fitting customers’ needs with on-demand voice services. Developing innovative products for our customers, powerful enablers for our teams to keep creating value: this is how we remain committed to voice.

Best Wholesale Carrier – Data

Orange Wholesale International stands out as a 1st class provider of global connectivity with hundreds of customers relying on our expertise and service level. We bring them secured, global-reaching networks with low latency and high bandwidth, on land, under the seas and in space. And we’re running an ambitious digital transformation program to build a global connectivity platform. We virtualize our network and upgrade every data solution in our online portfolio, one after the other. Let’s see how we are scaling up to give our customers the performance they need, where and when they need it.

Best Anti-Fraud Innovation

Orange International Carrier’s 360° Checkup is a pioneering innovation as it’s the only one in the market putting together an audit for voice, data and mobile, giving our customers a comprehensive   of all their vulnerabilities and putting them in a position to make the right decisions to secure their networks. CLI refiling, domestic and international leakage or bypass, SIM Box SMS, A2P terminated on P2P, SMS smishing, flooding, hacking or faking and IP network vulnerabilities are all covered.  

An international player with a strong leadership

As an international full-service supplier with solutions for operators, MNOs, MVNO, ISPs, Content Providers and Wholesalers, our customers enjoy an autonomous and secure digital experience. We deliver a fully tailored response with a comprehensive portfolio of flexible and innovative solutions. We take an individualized approach to fulfil Roaming, Messaging, Voice, Bandwidth, IP, Security & Anti-Fraud service requirements. With 26 retail operations and 271 million B2C, B2B and Wholesale customers, we are also at the heart of the wholesale voice value proposal, with 32 billion voice minutes carried globally in 2021.   



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