360° Checkup

Check all areas of your business for potential fraud and security issues

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Checking the safety of your business

We can identify if you have lost revenue due to fraud issues or if you have security vulnerabilities that could be open doors to cyberattacks. 

Key features

Improvement_19371 Voice by pass level assessment

      We detect domestic bypass        (On-Net & Off-Net) as well as international bypass & CLI refiling.

Tick_confirmation_19371 Full and clear picture of your SMS traffic

We provide you with a full view of existing domestic leakage, A2P terminated on P2P, SMS hacking, faking and SIM Box SMS.

internet_browser_19371 Vulnerability identification

We identify vulnerabilities by using scanning tools and performing tests by ethical hackers

All in one

We give you a complete picture of your vulnerabilities and potential fraud issues in a single report

Prioritize risks

We want you to save  money, energy and resources by dealing with critical vulnerabilities first

Access to experts

We call on anti-fraud and cybersecurity specialists to perform the best possible security checkup



360° Checkup

Is your business safe?

We check every area of your business for potential fraud and security issues and give you:

  • A consolidated and secure report on identified existing weaknesses
  • Customized and actionable recommendations to secure your business

Voice Audit

Is bypass fraud affecting your business?

Get full visibility of voice bypass issues with the 360° Checkup solution:
- Domestic on-net bypass cases, customer’s SIM cards used in SIM boxes to terminate calls on its own network
- Domestic off-net bypass cases, SIM cards of other mobile operators used in the SIM boxes to terminate calls on its own network
- International bypass and refiling of another country's CLI


Messaging Audit 

Is your Network affected by SMS fraud?

We give you a complete and clear picture of the SMS traffic on your network, thanks to the expertise of our partner Araxxe, a leading SMS fraud specialist.
- Detect and document instances of fraudulent routing or incorrect billing
- Provide estimates of the identified revenue leakage



Network Elements Audit

What are your vulnerabilities?

Our Orange Cyberdefense security experts will leverage automatic vulnerability scan results to: 
- Identify all network vulnerabilities 
- Rank them according to their criticality for the business
- Provide associated corrective actions

Other security and anti-fraud offers

SMS Protect

Stop fraud and monetize all your A2P SMS traffic


Hubbing Intense

Proactively analyze, detect and block fraudulent calls


DDoS protection

Protect International and Local data customers from DDoS attacks


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