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Stop fraud and monetise all your A2P SMS traffic

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SMS Protect is the ultimate solution to protect your SMS traffic from all types of fraud: grey routes, fraudulent and SPAM SMS, and spoofing.
This way, all your traffic will be recognized and monetized.

SMS Protect is provided through a firewall hosted in your network and bound with our A2P hub. Our firewall enables real-time decisive action on all possible frauds.

SMS Protect is included in our A2P SMS Intense solution.


Our solutions

SMS Protect includes:

  • Multi signaling carriers availability
  • Protection for domestic and international SS7 and SMPP traffic

SMS Protect is provided in partnership with Anam:

  • Strength and position of our A2P Hub
  • Security expertise of Anam, an independent SMS A2P firewall and monetisation provider

A managed services solution to support you in your anti-fraud policy:

  • Grey-route detection
  • Rules management
  • Reporting
  • Market analytics on A2P market

Your main SMS Protect benefits

An efficient solution to capture and monetize all your SMS traffic
We protect all your SS7 and SMTP domestic and international SMS traffic.

Monitoring and recommendations from security specialists
Our skilled SMS security experts will monitor and analyse your SMS traffic on a day-to-day basis in order to set a global strategy to fully protect your network.

Yearly audit for continuous improvement
Yearly complete audit with an external and independent partner every year to challenge the quality of the protection and the strategy we have put in place for you.

No Capex investment!
SMS Protect is charged per SMS to adapt to the variations in your traffic.

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