DDoS Protection

We protect your international transit, national traffic broadband customers from DDoS attacks.

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A proactive protection of your IP Transit against DDoS attacks

Our IP Transit option is a complete protection that detects and cleans up all DDoS attacks. It enables you to be notified in case of attacks, and gives you the possibility to launch manual or automated mitigations

Key features

speed Adaptive mitigations

We give the possibility to automatically or manually initiate mitigations.

internet_browser_19371 Worldwide capacity

We operate worldwide, even for DDoS attacks coming from an alternative IP provider's network

Improvement_19371 High resiliency

We provide high resiliency thanks to our IP network and our DDoS protection platform architecture

Cleaned Traffic

We clean all corrupted traffic under attack as close as possible to the attack

Reduced Cost

Thanks to our cloud infrastructure we achieve a lower cost than in-house solutions

Profit Center

Our B2B option allows you to resell the DDoS protection solution to your local ISP customers.

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DDoS attack

From a burning place ... 

A distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack is a malevolent attempt to flood the target system through a large amount of Internet traffic.

A DDoS attack is comparable to a group of people, coming from everywhere, crowding the entrance to a shop and making it impossible for legitimate customers to enter. 

The result is that the target is no longer able to maintain efficient connectivity, which ultimately impacts business operations.


DDoS Protection

To a peaceful environment!

Thanks to our DDos protection service, the malicious traffic is detected and rerouted to the Arbor TMS (Treat Mitigation System) for clean up.

We offer two cleaning platforms:

All traffic platform: Both UDP and TCP/IP traffic are cleaned automatic platform: TCP/IP traffic for any size of DDoS attack is cleaned. UDP traffic is dropped before reaching the cleaning platform.




DDoS attacks
more dangerous than ever

More than 19 attacks per minute

With the Covid 19 pandemic, DDoS attacks exploded in 2020, growing by over 19% compared to 2019. More than 10 million attacks were identified during the year, which represents over 27 thousand attacks per day.

Our customers' testimonials

Setumo Mohapi
Chief Go to Market Officer at Dimension Data

“Partnering with Orange to provide IP Transit and DDoS will allow us to continue adding value to our customers through our intelligent infrastructure offering”

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