Cybersecurity Audit & Consulting

We help you assess your level of network vulnerability

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Professional advice to strengthen your defenses

If you're looking for assurance that your business, applications and networks are secure, or want to find out exactly how they aren't, we are here to help find out.

Cybersecurity Audit & Consulting key features

Improvement_19371 System thinking


Configuration reviews go beyond the review. It looks at the implementation of that configuration to validate whether the configuration, within the ecosystem, is effective.

Tick_confirmation_19371 Your roadmap to better security


Whether you need one-time support to get started or long-term regular consulting: we are there for you


internet_browser_19371 Reduced risk


Comprehensive reviews increase the chance of finding any security issues before a hacker does.


IT system security assessment

Assess the level of protection and detect the vulnerabilities present on your information system in a recurring way

Customized global indicators

Provide global indicators tailor-made by our experts to enable your CISO and your management to follow the evolution of the level of security of your assets

Highly secure
IT system

Adjust your security measures by building a computer system that prevents hackers from gaining access


Our cybersecurity experts at your service

Benefit from Leveraging Orange Cyberdefense and Orange Wholesale International expertise.

Other security and anti-fraud offers


Protect International and Local data customers from DDoS attacks









Vulnerability Intelligence

Complete and permanent monitoring system to benefit from a qualified and unique source of information to maintain an optimal state of security for information systems.



Check all areas of customers’ business for potential fraud and security issues.







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