With @first™, you benefit from a comprehensive set of anti-fraud tools for Voice services. You can ensure your Interconnect revenue and protect your margin with well-trusted solutions.


It is the most powerful and easy to deploy call tracking solution (in 48 hours) and including an innovative self-learning solution via Big Data technologies.


In brief

@firstsuite offers a range of services designed to protect your business from fraudulent interconnect by-pass, decrease revenue assurance leakage, enhance the quality of your service and provide greater security to transactions.

@first allows you to recover by-pass traffic and gain revenues:

  • Higher protection of traffic
  • Greater integrity of transactions
  • End-to-end monitoring and reporting of rating/billing errors
  • Improved quality of service including in roaming

Our solution

A comprehensive @first offer in 4 modules:

  • Bypass detection
  • Quality of service
  • Revenue assurance
  • Security of transactions

Professional services

  • Audit plan and revenue risk assessment
  • Maturity level of revenue stream control
  • Control policy for fraud and revenue assurance
  • Transaction security environment survey
  • Compliance support for mobile money

Your benefits

Bypass detection

The by-pass detection module enables the detection of PBX hacking, LeakyPBX, trombonin gand refilling, internal fraudor error, fraudulent trunk usage and CLI problems.

  • Provision with by-pass detection including test calls generation and fraudster profiling
  • Flexible test calls options to meet any customer needs
  • Detection SIM-boxing and abusive interconnect by-pass route
  • Reduction of SIM detection and deactivation time
  • Relevant selection of potentially fraudulent routes
  • Support for taking the right actions preventing by-pass

Quality of service

Quality of service is becoming a major differentiating factor in a highly competitive international telecommunications market.

  • Traffic increase
  • Roaming quality improvement
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Operational cost decrease
  • Customer loyaltygain and churn rate reduction

Revenue assurance

The revenue assurance module is an end-to-end approach for detection and recovery of revenue leakage.

  • Leakage and discrepancy detections
  • Increased margins
  • Billing error detection
  • Future leakages avoidance and cost reduction

Security of transactions

This module provides greater security for international mobile airtime and moneytransfers.

  • Balance transfer operations generation
  • Financial and airtime monitoring and reconciliation analysis, including exchange rates and commissions
  • Discrepancy detection and reporting
  • Increased margins
  • Mitigation actions and tools proposal

Our anti-fraud innovation solutions awarded at the Global Carrier Awards

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