Signalling Detect and Protect

Secure your signalling traffic to protect your end-users' privacy and strengthen your brand image

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Protect against roaming fraud and signalling attacks in real-time

With Signalling Detect and Protect, benefit from a centralized firewall platform solution to secure your SS7 and LTE Signalling traffic

Key features

Detect signalling vulnerabilities

Analyze SS7 and Diameter traffic and detect fraud categories 1, 2 and 3 as defined by GSMA

Protect your traffic

Protect your network and preserve your end-users' privacy and integrity

Preserve the roaming quality

Monitored traffic is duplicated and filtered, with no impact on traffic quality

Complete solution

Be more responsive to multiple attacks with our centralized and secure solution

Increased end-user satisfaction

Protect your customers and their privacy from fraud and strengthen your brand image

Financial advantages

Subscribe to a turnkey service with no Capex investments


Identify signalling fraud

Your priority is to protect SS7 and Diameter traffic.
Signalling vulnerabilities have been regularly reported since 2014.
The GSMA Roaming Interconnect and the Fraud and Security Group (FASG) have identified and collected attack scenarios and vulnerabilities for SS7 and LTE networks.


How can you secure your Signalling traffic?

In two steps, Detect and Protect

Our Signalling Detect & Protect solution enables MNOs to strengthen their network security and protect the privacy of their end-users through a centralized firewall platform hosted on our premises.



What is the service model?

Define your rules and get support from our experts

The service model offered for this solution is customer-managed: you define the generic rules and manage them, via secure and individual access to the firewall platform. Thanks to our experience in signalling solutions, we can provide you with solid expertise and efficient support to ensure a high quality of service

Roaming solutions and security

SS7 and VAS

Benefit from global SS7 connectivity and the quality of our Value-Added Services

LTE Signalling and VAS

Offer quality roaming to your end users across our global LTE networks

Security & Anti-Fraud

Are you committed to fighting fraud and cybercrime in the telecommunications sector? We are here to help you defend your networks and your business


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