International Private Line (IPL)

Seamless Global Interconnection

Reliable solution to interconnect your locations with high capacity.

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Benefit from our IPL (International Private Line), a high bandwidth connectivity solution to interconnect your locations.

IPL is based on last generation WDM or OTN networks and can offer both terrestrial and submarine routes. By using our solution, you benefit from our extended footprint, a high performance of our network and the expertise of our engineers.


Up to 100Gbps

Your capacity needs are evolving continuously, and we are constantly upgrading our network to be ready to meet your expectations. Orange provides scalable capacity from 1Gbps to 100Gbps (400Gbps available soon).

Dedicated line

As IPL is a Layer 1 solution, you get full control over the bandwidth, which is used solely to cover your needs.

Protection options

If your business needs are very stringent in terms of service availability, you can rely on our protection options and leverage the diversity offered by our network.



Choose between three offers: Essential, Dynamic, Intense. They offer different levels of SLA. Depending on your needs, you can use IPL to connect PoP-to-PoP or CHLS-to-PoP or directly connect two of your sites.


We are committed to deliver a high-performance network with a high-end SLA guarantee on Availability Rate, Guaranteed Time-to-Restore (GTR), Lead-Time-to-Deliver (LTD) and latency.

Trusted and reliable

We have always considered ethical practices to be at the core of our values. We are committed to be a trusted partner to our customers, providers and employees. Such commitment is key when you rely on our network to carry data.

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IPL: a reliable solution

IPL is a reliable solution to carry high bandwidth between two distant locations. It relies on last generation WDM/OTN networks. Depending on the sites to be connected, IPL can adapt to different topologies and include either a terrestrial submarine portion, or both. IPL offers flexibility and can adapt to different types of interfaces (Ethernet, OTU, SDH).


Orange’s network offers worldwide coverage

We have been an operator for international transmissions for a long time and we have a recognized expertise in both terrestrial and submarine networks. As customer needs are constantly growing, we are investing to extend our footprint and offer extensive connectivity on all continents. Recently, we have announced that we will be able to extend our offering between France and US thanks to the coming launches of new cables: Dunant and Amitié. With 100Tbps capacity between France and US, we are well positioned to answer end-to-end connectivity needs between the two continents.

Check out our latest announcement on a new cable launch 


Our submarine cables

ACE, AMERICAS 2, AMITIE, Dunant, EASSY, ECFS, IMEWE, Kanawa, LION, LION 2, MainOne, PEACE, SAT3-WASC-SAFE, S3WS, SAT3, Safe, SEA-ME-WE 3, SMW3, SEA-ME-WE 4, SMW4, SEA-ME-WE 5, SMW5, TEAMS, CBUS… are among the 22+ submarine cables which we have invested in. In total, we have more than 450,000km of submarine cables connecting all continents.

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New route on Dunant cable- Ashburn to Marseille 

We have built a new route on Dunant cable connecting  Ashburn (USA) to Marseille (France) to meet the exponential needs of data exchange between the US and Europe . It will bring you more redundancy avoiding connectivity hubs (Paris / London), low latency performance, and optimized lead time to delivery thanks to POP to POP configuration. This route carries our International Private Line (IPL) solution to provide your customers with high security and high scalable bandwidth with 10G, 100G and soon 400G.
Discover the video to learn more about this new route's benefits.

Tailored protection options

IPL relies on point-to-point architecture. Sometimes, the service can be affected by exceptional circumstances such as fiber cut, fire or even fiber damage from mice. When your business needs are vital, you cannot allow service interruptions. Orange has three protection options: Protection 1+1, Dynamic Restoration and Extended Protection. These options are available on both WDM and OTN network. The new Dynamic Restoration and Extended Protection options are also available for 100G service. Find the one fitting your needs the best! 
Watch the video to understand how the three options work. 

Our data innovation solutions awarded at the Global Carrier Awards

Our customers' testimonials

Dan Pitts
Senior Manager for Network Planning at Intelsat

We contracted with Orange for a 10 Gb International Private Line to interconnect Europe and Asia. This helps Intelsat’s traffic flow more efficiently between these two locations and contributes to a more efficient global network. Moreover, on the route from Frankfurt to Singapore, Orange had the most cost effective solution.

Keigo Kobayashi
Manager of Network Integration of IIJ America

“Orange Wholesale International has a strong relationship with IIJ and as a Tier 1 company in ISPs, I’m aware of the strength of Orange’s business in Africa and the Middle East and  we are very keen to have traffic in these regions.”


Ubonpan Chuenchom
Vice President for Carrier Business Services of NT Thailand

“Orange Wholesale International is the major incumbent in the Europe region and this partnership allowed us to establish the best connectivity and have an expanded worldwide coverage.”

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