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Content Delivery Boost spurs QUANTEEC’s offer for a more quality-driven and greener streaming

On 06-09-2023
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QUANTEEC is a young start-up that has developed a highly innovative beyond peer-to-peer CDN technology that enables a large number of viewers to watch live or recorded video in close time-ranges with a high quality of service, while reducing the use of networks, therefore energy consumption and, as a consequence, carbon emissions.

QUANTEEC’s solution is ideal for managing peak viewership or large video streams. By creating a collaborative evolved peer-to-peer network between viewers of the same video stream, QUANTEEC’s technology reduces traffic on networks and CDN servers and lowers streaming costs.

The network CDN: the ideal complement to QUANTEEC’s solution

QUANTEEC’s solution relies on a CDN network to deliver and store video content as close to the user as possible. Several criteria led to the choice of Orange's CDN offer, Content Delivery Boost.

Daniel Négru, co-founder and CEO of QUANTEEC, explains: "The quality of the video that QUANTEEC can deliver to viewers is only as good as the quality that our player’s plugin receives in the first place. As we put a lot of emphasis on quality of service and experience indicators, choosing the most quality-driven CDN infrastructure to support QUANTEEC’s solution was essential. Orange, with its 12 CDN POPs in France, stands out from its competitors because it is closer to French and European viewers and can therefore offer minimal latency”.

QUANTEEC’s promise: reduced energy consumption

At the heart of QUANTEEC’s value proposition lies its ability to reduce the environmental impact of video streams. Today, QUANTEEC can reduce energy consumption by up to 40%. This is especially true for live video and when a large number of viewers are concentrated in the same area. A typical use case is when a CEO addresses all employees via video, many of whom are watching the video from the same building.

With multiple CDN PoPs in France, Orange brings the video stream closer to the end user, reducing network traffic and carbon emissions. The fact that French electricity is mostly produced by nuclear power plants, which produce no Confidential Version dated 05/01/2021 Orange Restricted more CO2 emissions than wind power, was a plus. Orange is also actively involved in reducing carbon emissions, making it the perfect partner to support QUANTEEC’s value proposition.

Significant quality of service improvements measured

Since deploying Content Delivery Boost, QUANTEEC has measured significant improvements in all the KPIs that define the quality of a video stream and are at the heart of viewer satisfaction.

  1. Startup time: all viewers want a video to start as quickly as possible. Daniel Négru is impressed by the performance of Orange’s solution: "Our technology cannot improve this KPI. Since using Orange's CDN solution, our customers have noticed that the startup time is at least 2 times faster than before".
  2. Quality of the video stream: the objective here is to be able to deliver high quality to as many viewers as possible. Again, QUANTEEC has measured a significant improvement: now 99% of viewers receive high-quality video streams.
  3. Rebuffering ratio: no viewer wants to wait every few minutes while the rest of the video downloads. In addition to delivering higher quality video streams, QUANTEEC was able to maintain a very low rebuffering ratio, close to 0.8%.

In addition, since the Orange CDN handles most of the requests, the bandwidth and capacity required on the origin video servers delivering the content have been divided by 4. This could mean significant savings for QUANTEEC’s clients or any video content provider, allowing them to generate more traffic without investing in additional network and hardware capacity.

Finally, Daniel Négru praises Orange's dashboard. Comprehensive and easy to use, it makes it easier for QUANTEEC to access and share useful analytics with its customers.

In the coming months, QUANTEEC intends to propose even more specific and personalized energy consumption measures. Today, QUANTEEC relies on generic measures from international studies and specialized research institutions. Daniel Négru says: "Together with Orange, we hope to be able to further refine the way in which we calculate the savings delivered by our solution on a customer-by-customer basis. I believe that together we are building the streaming service of the future, highly efficient and environmentally friendly".

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