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Fostering trust: our trademark as a secure CDN

On 27-05-2024
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A CDN provider must deliver reliable solutions but also ensure data confidentiality, security, low latency and a worldwide footprint. Today, Orange Wholesale is the Telco CDN that meets all these requirements.

At Orange Wholesale, we aim to be a reference for Content Delivery Network (CDN) in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. To achieve this, we launched our new Content Delivery Boost solution, which benefits from our unique market position with buffered contents already present in our core network. For Laurent Hervé, Content Delivery Boost Product Manager at Orange Wholesale, "this means that broadcasters, OTTs and platforms can benefit from the fastest possible delivery for their end-users".

A reliable alternative to other CDN providers

As Orange Wholesale is subject to European regulations, it guarantees the privacy of its customers’ data. This is one of the reasons why we signed a partnership with GCore, a Luxembourg based editor, to enhance our already extensive footprint. This move accelerated the deployment of our CDN solution within our subsidiaries as a first step. For Laurent Talibart, CDN Business Development Director at Orange Wholesale " so far we have 200 CDNs strategically located. In Africa, we deployed PoPs in Morocco, South Africa and Côte d’Ivoire with others currently being scheduled”. In Côte d’Ivoire for example, "where other major CDN operators have higher latency times, Orange Wholesale can deliver content faster. Where we have no presence in a region, we rely on our partner’s CDN infrastructures to meet our customer needs”. This is in line with our aim to be a global CDN partner offering an always expanding and reliable footprint.

Addressing global broadcasters’ expectations

Until very recently, the industry was focused on delivery. With the explosion of traffic and fraud, security has become one of the key components of our Content Delivery Boost solution.

We offer an extensive suite of features to ensure that OTTs and content providers remain safe and accessible for their end-users. A robust infrastructure backed by stringent security procedures and data storage protection form the cornerstone of a trusted solution. Today, Orange Wholesale is the telco CDN that meets all these requirements.

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