IP Internet Connection

Give users better access to internet flows and improve the quality of your content transfer

With IP Internet Connection, you can directly access Orange Wholesale France’s national superfast broadband internet connection.

Along with a commitment to quality service, IP Internet Connection offers a large choice when it comes to connection solutions.

IP Internet Connection


  • Take advantage of a mesh Backbone Network, secured and supervised 24/7 with a large selection of IP connectivity throughputs ranging from 100 Mbit/s to 100 Gbit/s.
  • Benefit from our commitment to quality service with our Guaranteed Fault Repair Time (GFRT), Maximum Service Outage (MSO), low rates of bundle loss and reduced latency period, all of which are adapted to the requirements of Internet Service Providers and Content Providers.
  • Gain access to connection solutions on a case-by-case basis, whether standard or secured, directly or via the Global Internet Exchange (GiX). 
  • Ensure dual functionality with an IPv4/IPv6 dual stack, and protect against the IT attacks known as Distributed Denial of Service or DDoS (blackhole-style attacks, for example).

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A sales rep is at your disposal to present the features and conditions of this offer.

E-services are available 24/7, including eligibility and pricing tools

Order Production Delivery

Online ordering tools and services are available 24/7 for you to place your order and monitor its status independently.

Post sale

Tools for online reporting of observed malfunctions and real time monitoring of service restoration.

Additional Services

Monthly billing with customized consumption monitoring, suiting the specifics of the offer you subscribed to.


We provide you with protection against blackhole-style DDoS IT attacks to guarantee a maximum level of security.

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