Orange roaming : already more than 100 destinations open in 5G

Orange Wholesale France’s roaming offers enable its operator customers to provide their end customers quality connectivity when travelling abroad or for remote control of connected objects.

With Orange Wholesale France’s roaming offers, operators can provide their customers with access to more than 200 destinations worldwide, including more than 170 destinations with 4G and now more than 100 destinations with 5G. Customers can enjoy fast and reliable connectivity when travelling abroad, enabling them to stay in touch with loved ones, work remotely and be ready for new roaming features (virtual reality, gaming, high definition video…). In addition, local escape (or Data Break Out) available in 77 countries on more than 270 PoPs worldwide allows to boost 5G performance (latency, throughput, local data…).

Global IoT coverage with cellular LPWA capabilities
With nearly 200 destinations open on its dedicated IoT coverage, Orange Wholesale France offers global IoT connectivity, and continues to expand through new agreements with its roaming partners for cellular Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) service networks, both LTE-M and now NB-IoT (these new low-power protocols for the cellular network are specifically designed to address the IoT issues of connected objects, including battery saving needs, and will at mid terms both be 5G ready).

Quality service for operators
Orange is recognised for its quality roaming service, which enables its operator customers to offer a seamless and resilient connectivity experience to their customers. Orange Wholesale France’s roaming offer is supported by a strong network of partners, enabling operators to benefit from a quality roaming service with extensive coverage and high data rates.

Long-term relationships with operators
Our teams work closely with our customers to understand their needs and offer them roaming solutions tailored to their business. This approach allows Orange to develop long-lasting relationships with its customers, based on trust and quality of service.