Orange Ivory Coast increases roaming revenue from silent roamers by 150% thanks to Big Data

On 03-01-2024
Reading time : 2 minutes

Orange Ivory Coast is the leading telecommunications operator in Ivory Coast, serving both B2C and B2B customers. The company has an average of 550,000 roamers per month, mostly traveling to West African countries, Europe, the US and China. Although customers were mostly using voice, Orange Ivory Coast noticed an explosion in data traffic a few years ago. The challenge was to capture this traffic and the associated revenue from roamers.

After a successful trial, Orange Ivory Coast has fully adopted Roamers Insights, a feature of Orange Wholesale International's Roaming Big Data suite.

Emilie Allechi, Wholesale & Roaming Manager at Orange Ivory Coast, shares her experience with the tool and the amazing results it has delivered for the company's roaming business:

"We are very happy with our decision to implement Roamers Insights 2 years ago. One of our key objectives was to identify silent roamers and propose tailored offers to capture this potential revenue. This tool has proven to be incredibly effective in helping us achieve this".

A simple and easy-to-use tool

"One of the things we appreciate most about Roamers Insights is that we did not have to implement a new platform: it is provided within the Orange Wholesale eCare portal alongside other roaming reporting services. The tool is extremely user-friendly: we were able to use it autonomously from the start, without the need for technical expertise. This allowed us to quickly reap the benefits".

Precise understanding and targeting leading to incremental revenues

"Another aspect we appreciate is the intelligence the tool has given us about our roaming base. Thanks to precise behavioral analysis, we were able to target our audience with more personalized offers. We were also able to quickly test the accuracy of the data and the relevance of the new offers through targeted SMS campaigns, the results of which exceeded our expectations.

Since implementing Roamers Insights, we have seen remarkable results. We have more than doubled the revenue from our roaming bundles in less than 2 years by focusing on silent roamers.

We have also seen an impressive 881% increase in data usage by mobile roamers in just one year. This can be attributed to the lower roaming tariffs we introduced and the intelligence provided by the tool.

Overall, we cannot express enough how pleased we are with the Roamers Insights offering. It has truly transformed our business, allowing us to generate new revenue streams and gain valuable insights into our customers' behavior. We highly recommend it to any company looking to improve their understanding of their mobile user base and drive growth".

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