The mobile ecosystem energized by 5G Standalone

On 02-06-2023
Reading time : 2 minutes

With 5G Standalone (5G SA), the mobile ecosystem is evolving fast with structural changes in terms of technology and service offer. It shows a lot of interrelated parts, such as 5G players like telcos, cloud providers, equipment manufacturers, software vendors, and systems integrators. According to the GSMA, existing actors are transitioning to 5G Standalone and new players are rushing directly into it. Relying on its own expertise, its retail operations and a complete 5G SA value offer, Orange Wholesale International is at the forefront of the market deployment to undertake these challenges. 

A disruptive technology to improve performance 

The mobile landscape is evolving very quickly, notably because 5G SA opens a wide spectrum of new applications to facilitate and enrich our offer delivery. For Frédéric Freschel, VP Voice & Mobility solutions at Orange Wholesale International “most of operators have deployed 5G NSA which is an efficient way to have a quick rollout of 5G solution but is still relying on 4G core network and infrastructure”. However, he adds that “5G NSA provides limited virtualization and poor performance improvement. So, the best way is to move toward 5G SA which relies on 5G core network”. 

Opening new fields of possibilities 

The new mobile ecosystem turns around a set of 3 use cases. The first one is the enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB). This is the most popular use. It already delivers high speed connectivity in urban areas. The second one turns around ultra-reliable low latency communications (uRLLC). Evoking this refers us immediately to autonomous cars or virtual reality. At the same time the industry will also host massive machine type communications (mMTC) allowing IoT devices for smart cities or factories. But over the horizon, 5G SA open up the field of possibilities in areas that are still undreamed of today.

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