A duty of care

On 05-02-2024
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At Orange Wholesale, we believe we have a duty of care. Through our customer service, regional teams, bespoke solutions and corporate, social and environmental responsibility policies, we show that we care for our customers and partners, and also, on their behalf.

Orange Wholesale was launched last semester with a commitment to stick to an “industry-centric” approach, taking into account the needs of the market in its entirety. Our partners are well aware that in the business of global wholesale connectivity, acting as a trusted, open, neutral partner, giving all our customers the same level of excellence, is no small endeavor. Such an industry-centric approach is in fact, in its very essence, a customer-centric approach. But how does this translate into concrete actions?

At Orange Wholesale, we strive to show that we care for our customers on a daily basis. We care through our customer service of course, through our regional teams, our first point of contact with our customers worldwide, but also with our solutions and our corporate, social and environmental responsibility policies.

Caring for our customers

First, to offer an unrivaled end-to-end customer journey, we’ve increased our “return-to-service” times and also our “once-and-done” figures, meaning that more tickets are resolved faster, and without any need for escalation. Thanks to the increased skilling of our regional expert teams, our customers don’t have to “wait until Paris wakes up” for ticket resolution.

More and more often, they actually don’t have to wait for anybody to wake up at all, thanks to our digital transformation program and the new features of our eCare portal, such as extensive document history dispute initiation and streamlined tracking of active requests with instant response notifications.

This doesn’t mean we’re not taking it personally anymore. First and foremost, it’s our regional team members who connect us with our customers, while connecting our customers with the world. This is very much the case for our successful Middle East team, which keeps expanding in order to better care for our customers in this region.

But caring for our customers doesn’t only involve the customer service we’re providing. Caring for you also means caring on your behalf.

Caring on behalf of our customers

We, at Orange Wholesale, have made a particularly strong stand to enable our customers to focus on their users while minimizing their own investments and carbon footprint. Our customers can do so by relying on the mutualization of Orange Wholesale’s networks, our skilled experts, and our own efforts to bring them more environmentally responsible, more energy-effective solutions.

A concrete example is our new CDN offer. In the face of growing concerns for the environmental impact of networks and skyrocketing data traffic, our Content Delivery Boost solution manages to both reduce latency and energy consumption for the massive needs of OTTs and content providers, thanks to smart network optimization and innovative partnerships. Another example of this duty of care for our customers is seen in our subsea cable business. Orange Marine has one of the largest cable ship fleets in the world, capable at the same time of laying thousands of kilometers of fiber under any sea, and also to fix and collect and other such cables.

Caring for change

These actions are directly related to Orange Wholesale’s CSR policies, which also lead us to precisely assess the environmental impact of a growing portion of our solutions, and help our customers better evaluate their own footprint.

Caring for our customers, our staff and our planet has a very real impact on our performance as a business and contributes earning us widespread industry recognition, resulting in a record number of trophies won in 2023. We are especially proud that the jury of the World Communication Awards introduced our Best Wholesale Operator prize by highlighting Orange Wholesale’s achievements in “setting and meeting ambitious Corporate Social Responsibility goals”.

These awards merely oblige us to our customers, and heightens our responsibility to deliver, in the face of ever-growing expectations. They compel us, more than ever, to care for you.

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