A record-breaking number of awards in 2022

On 02-02-2023
Reading time : 2 minutes

2022 was a successful year for Orange Wholesale International, full of awards and flattering assessments from the industry in the fields of data, voice, security, digital transformation and networks. We owe this recognition to you and we take it both as a demonstration of trust and a huge responsibility. We need to provide you best-in-class services so we can continue to meet your expectations. 

The spotlight: an innovative network and an exceptional set of voice and data services

Orange Wholesale International was crowned numerous times at GCCM and Global Carriers Awards, as we continue to invest more than any other carrier to extend the reach and capabilities of our global data networks on land, under the seas and in space. We also offer an extensive system of PoPs and terrestrial connections. Furthermore, we have improved traffic monetization through automation, strengthening revenue assurance with fully secured offers and delivering tailor-made solutions. 

A breakthrough in the field of anti-fraud and digitalization 

Digital transformation and security are essential for achieving a successful digital business. The consistent work done led us to receive a best anti-fraud innovation award with “360° Checkup”, a unique audit program giving you a comprehensive view of all your vulnerabilities. On roaming, we were also awarded two trophies by MEFFYs and GCCM for our innovation policy on our Roaming Big Data solution

Last but not least, innovation being at the heart of our DNA, we were also rewarded at the World Communication Awards for our exceptional Digital Transformation program, digitalizing our own organization, enhancing our processes and accelerating the entire pre-sale and sale stages. This is how Orange Wholesale International remains committed to your needs.


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