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A wholesale leader in terms of vision and strategy

On 19-07-2023
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At Orange Wholesale International, we are very proud to have climbed another step in GlobalData’s latest company assessment. This report, primarily relevant to decision makers from large enterprises, recognizes the improvement in our market “Vision and Strategy”. We are also ranked above industry average on each assessment criteria of the report: solid positioning in Momentum / Stability, Innovation, and Product Portfolio.

To underpin this outstanding leap forward, the report confirms the acceleration of our digital transformation with a focus on the cloud and the network, as we are investing heavily in new PoPs, submarine routes, and terrestrial fiber with several “new-generation submarine cables planned or announced.” At the same time, the analyst notes our mobilization to transition our network to 5G, in particular “by offering non-standalone 5G on top of IPX and LTE services” and our commitment to “standalone 5G for operators,” among other things.

The report also notes that we have launched a comprehensive program to increase our speed to market and emphasizes that “Orange Wholesale International is backed by considerable R&D facilities, comprising 5,000 researchers and 12 labs on four continents” to reach its goals. As proof of customer confidence, the analyst reminds that we “report approximately 1,000 operators and OTT customers” in 220 countries and territories.

GlobalData provides data, expert insight, and innovative solutions to the world's largest industries. The Company Assessment report is an in-depth analysis of individual companies in the wholesale sector.
It provides an analysis of the company, breaking down and scoring its offering across six key areas. As part of this report, GlobalData provides an analysis of any challenges or threats the company may face, as well as recommendations.

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