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Agility drives your IP Transit online digital journey

On 03-10-2022
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Our digital transformation program stands out because of its scope: we understood that bringing our customers flexibility, customization and speed-to-market required us to modernize all solutions in our service portfolio. For a wide range of services, you can fully manage your connectivity, which includes checking technical feasibility, requesting quotes and signing contracts. We have been focusing on enabling seamless customer interactions through a new digital platform to provide detailed business information and online purchase options.

Activated in just a few seconds

IP Transit online is a step towards easier interactions with you. We are aligning the services with those provided on IP Transit to give you even more autonomy. These features include local billing, online quotations, and the ability to aggregate several accesses on different PoPs to make a single billing line, so you can enjoy truly attractive prices. Damien Schaepelynck, IP Product Manager at Orange Wholesale International says "with IP Transit online we are committed to short deadlines with our customers after their first order. And if they want to upgrade an existing link, the online service can be activated in just a few seconds.”    

Your peace of mind is our priority

The service is now available with our African, Middle Eastern, and Asian PoPs with up to 10 Gbps. And regarding Europe and USA, we have doubled it from 10 to 20 Gbps to address growing bandwidth requirements. Depending on the capacity selected, you can access our network through 1 Gbps, 10 Gbps, or 100 Gbps ports. Then, to facilitate your interconnection, we have also set up an option: we can manage the cross-connect with the carrier hotel for you. Exclusively available on our digital platform, we have also integrated a new fully flexible contract term with no minimum commitment period to give you greater adaptability. And of course, you can make your purchases in either dollars or euros. As you can see, on IP Transit online our priority is your peace of mind, autonomy, and flexibility.

“We chose Orange because their service is highly resilient. We get good quality of service, good support from their sales team, and lastly they offer flexible pricing”.

Vu Khac Hung, Business Development Manager at FPT International Telecom


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