Airmob becomes a full MVNO thanks to our SMS and MMS wholesale hubs

On 24-01-2022
Reading time : 4 minutes

Airmob, a young French company launched 5 years ago, specializes in providing telecommunications solutions to enterprises. Recently, Airmob has been able to become a full MVNO with the help of our experts and wholesale solutions.

Airmob focuses on providing telecommunications solutions based on mobile data. Typical use cases include providing short-term connectivity for temporary events or as a backup in case of failure, voice and data solutions to support teleworking, or managed internet connectivity dedicated to connected objects. Airmob’s customers range from craftsmen and small companies (known as “SOHO”) to well-known large corporations such as Engie, Air France, and Ubisoft.

Airmob’s team is boasting a 4,5 million euros revenue in 2021, a 60% increase from the previous year. To support its transformation to full MVNO and its ability to deliver white-label roaming and messaging services, the company has chosen our international A2P SMS and MMS solutions. Subsequently, Orange will also serve as their hub for roaming services.

The search for quality of service and efficiency 

Airmob values the quality and performance of the messaging and roaming offers Orange Wholesale International provides. Airmob’s CEO and co-founder Arnaud Lecoeur mentions: “We chose to partner with Orange Wholesale International because we believe in the company’s reliability and the overall quality of service of the Orange network. We are certain these are qualities that our business customers will appreciate. Also having Orange as a one-stop shop for all of our mobile needs makes the operational day-to-day management much more efficient for us.”

Additionally, efficiency is also notable in incident management. Orange Wholesale International’ technical team is commended for their proactive monitoring: tickets are opened automatically and Airmob’s team informed therefore saving time and noticeably reducing the time-to-repair duration. 

Expertise at hand to become a full MVNO

There has been very strong support from the Orange sales and product teams in choosing the best solutions for Airmob. Airmob’s Technical Director and co-founder, Benoit Vallet, remarks: “We didn't necessarily have all the know-how required to become a full MVNO. We really appreciated receiving recommendations from several Orange teams that are specialists on the subject.”

Vallet concludes: “we are delighted with this collaboration with Orange Wholesale International. There are lots of available specialists who are well-versed in specific subjects, plus the team is very professional and deeply-involved.”

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