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APIs to digitalize and extend our EVPL solution

On 12-07-2023
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With our EVPL online solution, we offer our customers e-line point-to-point connectivity over Orange's international MPLS network. This scalable and flexible service is available from 2 to 10 GB with a global reach of 350+ PoPs. It also incorporates SDN technology to enable real-time purchase and delivery, providing improved responsiveness and flexibility.

APIs for a successful digital journey

To improve the customer journey, we have integrated the solution into our eCare portal and exposed the API on the Orange Developer platform. We have implemented specific MEF-standard APIs, so that our customers can automate many tasks by integrating the Orange EVPL connectivity offer into their own service: real-time feasibility checks, quotes, purchasing, etc. APIs provide a set of functions and procedures that enable the creation of applications. Customers can then access the data and features of other applications, services, or operating systems.

Expanding our footprint

For Jean-Marc Barraqué, Digital Transformation Director at Orange Wholesale International, “our ultimate goal is to expand our footprint to make EVPL available online in areas where we don’t have a direct presence by using our partners’ APIs.” He adds that “either we continue to exchange endless emails with suppliers or we digitalize the process with them from top to bottom. This is where APIs come in again.” The solution? To work hand in hand with capacity providers who expose APIs and from whom we buy Network as a Service. Thanks to this win-win process, our customers can enjoy a tailor-made end-to-end solution. “We are at the beginning of this broader partnership process,” concludes Jean-Marc Barraqué.
At Orange Wholesale International, our mission is to provide the best Ethernet services to meet our customers' needs. As the world goes digital, we owe you best-in-class service and peace of mind.

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