6 new IP PoPs in Eastern Europe to support our customers' business development

On 17-01-2021
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We strengthen our presence in Eastern Europe by adding 6 new Points of Presence (POP) in Vienna (1), Prague (1), Budapest (2), and Sofia (2). These new POPs complement our existing 6 PoPs (2 in Bratislava, 2 in Bucharest, and 2 in Warsaw).

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These PoPs provide access to our IP Transit, Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL), and Ethernet Now services.

An end-to-end solution in Eastern Europe to provide a reliable and redundant network.

Eastern Europe is a mature IP market through the presence of many international carriers and content providers that have created local hubs in the cities where we are deploying our POPs.
Besides, Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Hungary are ranked in the top 10 IP transit markets in Europe.

In order to provide our customers with a secure end-to-end network in Eastern Europe, 2 rings are available:
•    The North ring linking Paris-Vienna-Bratislava-Prague-Frankfurt 
•    and the South ring linking Vienna-Sofia-Bucharest-Budapest-Bratislava 

With this end-to-end solution, we can bring diversity and redundancy to secure our customers’ network infrastructure.

Our content providers and ISPs customers will consequently benefit from a better quality of service when connecting to the rest of the world and within the Eastern Europe hub thanks to direct links.

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