A 360° Checkup for security

On 30-09-2021
Reading time : 2 minutes

Wanting to feel safe and secure is a natural human instinct. That's why it's important to have a 360° Checkup approach for security. 

Whether you have existing security solutions or not, an audit can act as an informant for your business and can enable you to protect yourself against potential fraud and cyber threats. It needs to monitor your incoming voice and messaging traffic against fraud by-pass, as well as network elements such as IP addresses and web applications against vulnerability. 
At Orange, we are risk-averse and will do everything in our power to protect your business. With a 360° Checkup for security, you will be one step ahead as you will be made aware of potential security breaches. It will enable you to discover your vulnerabilities, prioritize your risks and ultimately reduce the likelihood of an attack or revenue leakage. 
Furthermore, this will help you to minimize profit loss by assessing the level of existing by-pass fraud and by detecting domestic and international by-pass, both on-net and off-net. Through a digital and secured consolidated report you can have all your existing weaknesses identified and get a full set of associated recommendations. The entire process is conducted remotely, granting you productivity and efficiency. 

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