An improved, digital experience with Media Delivery Boost

On 01-03-2021
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An improved, digital experience with Media Delivery Boost

For several years, CDN services have benefited content providers by a global quality of experience for their OTT service and by delivering media as close as possible to the end-user requesting it. But now, CDN services are moving beyond these initial benefits, as quality of experience over the Internet is in fact much more than pure media delivery:

  • Ensuring fast load times of web pages
  • Playing media content smoothly, with an optimal quality
  • Guaranteeing security and resilience against web attacks

The Media Delivery Boost offer has therefore evolved to provide simple and efficient solutions to these new requirements. Our existing Dynamic MDB services have been enriched with Web Application Firewall and application-level DDoS protection. This ensures that our customers’ websites are always efficiently protected, without having to implement CAPEX heavy solutions or develop extensive web security skills. 

In addition to the security features available for Dynamic customers, the launch of our new, top-of-the-range Intense offer provides web acceleration, and Bot Management. All our security services benefit from first-rate Threat Intelligence mechanisms and are constantly enhanced to keep up with new threats and attacks.

Finally, a multi-CDN option available on all service levels has been introduced to help content providers manage their workloads between several CDNs. It also implements dynamic failover strategies in order to have the best CDN provider for any given location.

Digital tools are also a strong asset for this new release with the introduction of self-service configuration changes. You can get more reporting and monitoring dashboards to enhance your performance follow-up and troubleshooting. In addition, support is available online with access to troubleshooting tools and an incident can be raised and managed via a ticket processing view. 
All users will of course keep enjoying the highest quality of experience thanks to the Orange Tier-1 OTI network, the high availability SLA of the MDB Content POPs, and an ever-increasing reach into new geographies. This will optimize performance end-to-end, from the origin server to the end-users on their smart device or computer.

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