Bolstering our global connectivity for best-in-class customer service

On 31-05-2021
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At Orange, we are continuously making substantial investments in connectivity projects to improve the quality of the international network we offer you. With 40 submarine cables worldwide totalling 450,000 km, and 450 PoPs, we grant you the durable and secure solutions that you require.

Reinforcing the busiest submarine route with two mega-capacity cables to meet your challenges

The Atlantic Ocean is one of the world’s busiest routes in terms of connectivity and it functions as a vital link for the global Internet. To manage this vast traffic we are launching two new cables to improve our network performance, with a unique low latency transatlantic connection. Let’s not forget, redundancy is consistently guaranteed and with a durable design, high-level performance will be maintained for at least 20 years.

Our DUNANT cable is a record breaker. At 6,600km in length and with 12 fibre pairs of over 30 Tbps of capacity each, it offers three times more capacity than any previous transatlantic cable. And by 2022, the totally secure AMITIÉ cable will link Massachusetts to le Porge, France. With 16 fiber pairs of up to 23 Tbps of capacity each, it will ensure full redundancy and efficient traffic continuity in this zone. 
These ultra-high-speed cables, with a combined capacity of 100 Tbps, are reinforcing our presence in an increasingly connected world.

Improving our service in West-Africa with Djoliba, the first terrestrial fiber optic network in the region

The recent digital transition of Africa has greatly enhanced the need for secure, high quality connectivity. That’s why, we are strengthening our position with Djoliba – our first pan-West African network, which is 10,000km in length and connects 8 different countries. It is the only regional network that grants you accelerated delivery, strong resilience, superior QoS and high availability, using a variety of terrestrial and undersea routes. Beyond these technical benefits, we provide a seamless customer experience, with one stop shop and a one stop bilingual point of contact.

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