Bridging the digital divide through innovation and investment

On 30-09-2021
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Digital technology has forever transformed the way we work, communicate and create. At, Orange, we firmly believe that it should empower everyone because a digital divide means a social divide. By providing telecoms infrastructure, designing inclusive solutions and creating jobs through our business activities, we aim to improve social and economic development. We are committed to bring digital to as many people as possible, in a sustainable and responsible way.

Connecting the unconnected

We are continuously expanding our network to bring digital to rural areas, whether that be deploying fibre, extending 5G coverage, funding submarine and terrestrial cables or harnessing satellite. For example, in Africa, we invest €1 billion each year, contributing to projects such as Djoliba - our first pan West-African backbone, serving a potential 330 million inhabitants. Furthermore, our subsea cable capacity is also a significant booster for a region’s socio-economic development.

Creating inclusive and equal opportunities

In addition, our philanthropic arm, Orange Foundation, undertakes a wide range of activities to promote digital solidarity and cultural inclusion. Regarding education, digital schools have been set up in 12 African countries to empower unqualified young people who are looking to break out of long-term unemployment. 
To boost prosperity, we also promote financial inclusion. Access to a transaction account allows people to store, receive and send money securely and is a positive first step towards a more financially inclusive future. Orange Money now has 19.1 million active customers, which has been further bolstered by the extension of Orange Bank.
And finally, in terms of healthcare access, we signed a partnership agreement with the Global Fund to develop innovative e-health solutions. It improves access and quality of care through remote monitoring of patients using a digital platform. 
Through these commitments, we are promoting a model of sustainable and responsible development so that, in the future, digital technology will continue to enable progress for people, society and the planet.

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