Orange awarded at the 2021 Global Carrier Awards and World Communication Awards in London

On 21-10-2021
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Best Wholesale Operator - World Communication Awards 2021 

Orange is delighted to announce that it has been awarded at the 2021 World Communication Awards ceremony as “Best Wholesale Operator” on October 26, in London. This distinction constitutes the recognition of the work done by the Group as a wholesaler. 

Orange is proposing one of the largest portfolios of wholesale services on the market, including Roaming, Messaging, Voice, Bandwidth, IP and Content Distribution, Security and Anti-Fraud. We rely on our comprehensive connectivity across the world with 450 000 km of submarine cables, 45 000 km of fibre and more than 450 Points of Presence to grant our customers an unparalleled global reach. We are also at the heart of the wholesale voice value proposal, with 32 billion voice minutes carried globally in 2020. 


The Best Wholesale Operator award has been received by James O’Brien and Davis Charles on behalf of Orange Wholesale International 

Orange also rewarded at the 2021 Global Carrier Awards 

The Group has been also awarded last week as «Project of the Year - Subsea Award”, with Dunant, during live ceremony held on October 20, in London. The Global Carrier Awards are the biggest, most prestigious awards event of the wholesale telecoms calendar. It honors the work done in the telecommunications industry held alongside Capacity Europe.

Orange is recognized for its overall innovative and visionary approach to carrier industry activities, including dedicated customer service, optimizing security for all users and the great strides that have been made in terms of connectivity. These achievements are recognized this year by a panel of 25 independent telecom analysts and experts from the industry.

Commenting on this successes, Emmanuel Rochas, CEO of Wholesale International said: “Theses achievements are the result of our commitment to bring you and the market extensive innovative solutions in the field of connectivity and wholesale solutions. We are thrilled that the judges have acknowledged our experience and proficiency in the industry. It is further proof that we are a trustworthy, dynamic and flexible wholesale player, entirely dedicated to you, to your customers, and to the future of the industry. At Orange, we are proud to be your reliable and trusted partner”. 


Jean-Luc Vuillemin, Executive Vice President of International Networks, Orange, displaying the award with Emmanuel Rochas, CEO of Orange Wholesale International on his right.

About the Project of the year – Subsea Award 

As a full-service player in wholesale, retail and B2B with a solid, long-term strategy, at Orange, we have a unique position in the industry. With 26 retail operations and 262 million customers, we are offering extensive submarine, terrestrial and satellite connectivity

The Dunant lead by Google awarded cable, with its 6,600km in length and 12 fiber pairs of over 30 Tbps capacity each, forges a reliable and secure connection between France and the US. This project in partnership with Orange as landing party and terrestrial connectivity provider in France is the first subsea cable to land in France in over 15 years. 

Not only has the project been turned around in just two years with a ready for service date announced early 2021, but Dunant is also a “terrestrial-subsea” project. Thanks to Orange expertise and innovation skills, Dunant was designed to actually “land” in Paris, as opposed to its coastal Cable landing station in Saint-Hilaire-de-Riez, as it would traditionally be the case with any other cable.

This innovation makes it a unique “hybrid”, terrestrial and subsea connectivity solution for our wholesale customers. On top of that, traffic will be able to reach 4 different Pops in the Paris area giving more options to our wholesale customers to connect. With Dunant, Orange is proposing a unique Pop to Multi-Pop connectivity solution on the transatlantic front.
We thank you warmly for your confidence and unfailing support.

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