Our first convergent offer for Voice and Roaming

On 31-05-2021
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Jean-Bernard Willem 
SVP, Product Marketing and Development, Wholesale International, Orange

Our first convergent offer for Voice and Roaming 

Convergence is key if we want to develop multi-service offers. At Orange, we have harnessed this asset and we are proud to launch our first Voice and Roaming Enabler offer. This global, convergent solution will provide all roaming facilities to Mobile Network Operators (MNOs).

With a full package of the best-in-class services, it will boost roaming usages and retail traffic. This initiative is currently deployed in Africa and will contribute to the continent’s rapidly expanding digital ecosystem.

One stop shop for your convenience

This multi-service on the shelf offer incorporates Voice Hubbing transit and Roaming enablers, with the added bonus of Roaming Hub and our experts’ support. They are sold simultaneously as a package deal to streamline your customer experience from beginning to end. You will have access to both our direct customers and all our affiliates. Furthermore, you will benefit from a worldwide coverage of destinations and you can choose from a large value added services catalog. 

As always, we accompany you every step of the way and we will manage all the technical aspects of roaming routes between you and over 100 connected customers on our Roaming Hub. Moreover, we guarantee first-rate QoS by leveraging our existing MNO interconnections and direct routes.

Sit back and relax

With rapid connections through our Roaming Hub and with no new voice interconnection required, this offer grants you a unique and stress-free customer experience. As your trusted partner we ensure 100% of the operator traffic and monitor roaming corridors between the origin and the destination. With a global presence in 17 African countries, 2 Voice PoPs in Lagos and multi IPX PoPs, we grant you packaged solutions. And as an established leader in the provision of worldwide roaming and voice services to operators, we provide a pioneering approach to maintain and develop intra-Africa traffic within the continent.

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