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On 30-09-2021
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In the face of a mass digital transformation, we are streamlining our portfolio of services through a single digital platform to simplify and enhance your customer experience. You can fully manage your connectivity, which includes technical feasibility checks, quote requests and contract signatures.

A game-changing industry innovation

And now, we have taken this innovative solution one step further to bring you even more agility and flexibility. The service is now available in Africa, Middle East and Asia PoPs with up to 10 Gbps capacity. And regarding Europe and USA, we have doubled it from 10 Gbps to 20Gbps to answer the growing bandwidth requirements of the market. Depending on the capacity selected, customers will be able to access our network through 1 Gbps, 10 Gbps, or 100 Gbps ports.
In order to facilitate your interconnection, we have also set up an option that allows you to delegate to us the management of the cross connect with the carrier hotel.
Exclusively available on our digital platform, we have also integrated a new fully-flexible contract term with a no duration commitment to grant you more adaptability. And of course, purchasing can be executed in either dollars or euros. 
Furthermore, you remain completely self-sufficient as once on-board you can order new IP transit connections or upgrade existing ones in real time. Last but not least, rapid delivery is guaranteed thanks to industrialized end-to-end processes.

Integrating our design thinking approach 

We differentiate our offers to grant our customers a more adaptive, direct and efficient digital experience. This is why our IP Transit ordering online now enters our three-tier flexible service model and is available on both Dynamic and Intense IP Transit level offers. By further increasing the automation of this solution, we aim to expand your global reach with an increasing number of PoPs available. 

“I was extremely impressed by my recent experience ordering IP Transit Online with Orange. Firstly, the choice to pay per Mbps is a real asset and you only have to commit to a small capacity. Also, the automated nature of the process is secure with less risk of human error. A final bonus is the fact that you can reserve network resources.” Nicolas Iung – President – Midway’s Network

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