The power of convergence

On 31-05-2021
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Emmanuel Rochas 
CEO, Wholesale International, Orange

Seamless, stress-free customer experience is the bedrock of high performance, and we deliver this through our sweeping range of convergent solutions.

In today’s rapidly shifting reality, keeping up with innovation, service delivery, customer interactions and partnerships has become a challenge. It is now the time to turn your attention back towards your core business, while simplifying, and sometimes outsourcing the management of your solutions for international connectivity. Our method of choice to help you achieve this is convergence – an approach that will streamline your business, while allowing you to remain efficient and resilient. 
Our constantly expanding global network, high quality solutions, and dedicated teams are at your disposal 24/7 to grant you one of the most tailored customer experiences you can find in the industry. 

Converging for enhanced performance

A recent study that we have conducted with you has confirmed that you are seeking simplicity through convergence. In fact, 81% of the professionals we have interacted with verified the lack of convergent offerings in the wholesale market. As your trusted partner, we have listened and we will deliver.

Our goal is to provide you with a set of multi-service high quality solutions, encompassing voice, messaging, data, roaming, content delivery, and security. With your customers’ needs constantly evolving, we recognise that you wish to be able to pick and choose the solutions you require as you go. Furthermore, we want to grant you a simple and homogenous customer experience, which is why our portfolio is seamlessly accessible through a single point of contact. But most importantly, our convergent approach will empower you to rapidly and efficiently expand your global reach, while scaling-up your capabilities in near real-time. 

Today, we propose our first convergent solution targeting the African market, as a perfect example of our commitment to simplifying your business. This multi-service on the shelf offer provides a best-in-class service for boosting roaming and voice usages. It also helps to keep intra-African voice traffic within Africa. It takes a rare breed of global carrier to grant such a seamless experience, backed-up by a set of cutting-edge, integrated digital tools. In this way, Orange fits this bill as a global provider, ready to address your international wholesale offers.

Linking technology and people to create value

We capitalize on our extensive retail experience in 26 countries serving 259 million customers worldwide to deliver solutions and tools that mirror your needs. Additionally, we are continuously innovating both our services and customer interfaces to adapt to your changing environment and to ensure we can support your future growth and help you to stay ahead with a competitive advantage.

Through the use of our digital platform, our portfolio has also evolved towards a flexible and package deal business model, built around a 3-tiered level of service: Essential, Dynamic and Intense. This approach is available across our complete portfolio of connectivity, content and security, as well as messaging, voice and roaming solutions. Ultimately, we want you to build your own experience as you grow. 

You told us you wanted a simplified and converged customer experience and we will deliver on our promise to bring you value. We will do everything in our power to simplify your business, so that in turn you can focus on what’s essential for you: your customers.


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