Building AMITIE, an eco-friendly transatlantic cable

On 02-02-2023
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Orange makes a point of providing the best connectivity to its customers. After the Dunant subsea cable led by Google and commissioned in January 2021, Orange is now securing the North Atlantic route with the AMITIE end-to-end subsea cable. By mid-2023 it will provide redundancy, low latency performance, reliability and avoid Single Points of Failure.  It also embarks a major eco-friendly dimension with half energy requirements compared to older cables and with 10 times more capacity.  

Orange at the forefront of connectivity

Orange stands out as a first-class provider of global connectivity with hundreds of customers relying on its expertise and service level. To address the strong growth in international telecommunication traffic, Orange is maintaining its level of investment in submarine cables and continues to develop its network  in order to meet the needs of its customers.

The Group provides an extensive and unique 450,000 kilometers-long network operated directly or in partnership through its involvement in more than 40 consortiums covering the North Atlantic, Caribbean, Europe-Asia, Europe-Africa routes.

Investment on the future and a technical challenge

When it comes to data connectivity customers have specific requirements, especially between Europe and North America where internet traffic doubles every two years. They expect huge bandwidth, ultra-low latency, optimum quality of service, worldwide coverage mixed with local capillarity and maximum security. The AMITIE subsea cable consists of 16 fiber pairs of 23 Tbps each, as well as an unmatched upgrade potential to support growth of voice offers and data services for the upcoming 20 years.

Eco-design to revolutionize a traditional submarine business

The deployment of the AMITIE cable takes into account environmental protection requirements with a choice of routes avoiding sensitive sites (beaches, dunes, forests…) and minimally invasive technological choices. The technique of “directional drilling” is used so as not to disturb the local flora and fauna.

By 2025, Orange branded products will follow an eco-design approach. Optimizing energy and resource consumption is the tip of the iceberg in terms of ambitions. The eco-designing of products, including cables, can revolutionize traditional innovation and is one of the keys for achieving a sustainable economy.

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