Capacity Middle-East 2018

On 19-03-2018
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Orange is participating in the upcoming Capacity Middle East. Our team will be pleased to discuss with you about our range of innovative solutions, here below. Together we will find the right solutions for you!

Data & IP

Orange Marseille Hub offer
1 gateway IP and Bandwidth AMEA-European Data Centres
Optimal Bandwidth and IP connectivity with 13 international landing submarine cables.

  • Extend high capacity IP access and multiple circuit Bandwidth capacity transport to all European Data centres.
  • The best in class RTD and a 3 week standard delivery.

IP & & IPX PoPs in Jordan, South Africa, Ivory Coast

  • Extend high capacity IP access and multiple circuit Bandwidth capacity transport to grow your business in MEA
  • Manage direct access to the Orange Tier-1 IP Network

Media Delivery Boost

The Orange CDN solution Content Providers need to strengthen their business in Africa.

  • Improve your customer experience and loyalty by speeding up access to your content without any local hardware investment.
  • Increase your audience by leveraging the Orange footprint while reducing international transit traffic costs.

One-Stop-Shopping Bandwidth

The best answer for your connectivity needs in Africa and the Middle-East, thanks to a simplified procedure.
Wholesale International is your single point of contact, in charge of ordering, invoicing & after sales service for the whole circuit.

  • 35 destinations covered in Africa & Middle East
  • Backhaul & local loops included
  • SDH & Ethernet connectivity
  • Capacity from 2Mbps to 1Gbps
  • Redundancy, protection & managed services available for some destinations

WiFi Roaming

You need 360° connectivity for a changing Mobile world with the Orange Carrier Grade Roaming Wi-Fi solution

  • Provide your customers with an outstanding roam like home experience
  • Reduce high international roaming charges, simplify and secure the log-in procedures with the best quality

Permanent roaming detection

Permanent roaming traffic is increasing and regulations are changing.
You need a state-of-the art view of the unexpected permanent roaming traffic on your network

  • Detect long-term foreign SIM usage on your network and ensure about the respect of your roaming deals and partnerships
  • Automatic and cyclic detection as well as deep-dive analysis per roaming Partner.


Signalling Detect and Protect

GSMA and FASG alerted about new attack scenarios and vulnerabilities for SS7 networks

  • Detection and protection is the new Orange Signalling full solution to address security issue exposure, through a firewall platform hosted in Orange premises
  • SS7 and Diameter
  • Sigtran and TDM
  • Multi-carrier availability
  • 2 administration options: Managed by Orange or Managed by you, with the Orange support

SMS Protect

Secure your network against Fraud and Bypass to monetise all your SMS traffic and increase your A2P revenue.A hosted firewall on your network, bundled with Orange Wholesale International A2P hub solution will cover:

  • SS7 and SMPP traffic
  • International and Domestic traffic
  • Multi-carrier availability

OTI DDoS Protection

Protect your international transit, national traffic broadband customers against DDoS Attacks thanks to OTI cleaning Platform.

  • Includes the configuration, traffic monitoring and reporting
  • Sends Alerts and give you access to a web portal to manage mitigation in full autonomy
  • Thanks to our reselling option, make your DDoS Protection a centre for profit

Data Vulnerability Assessment

Identify the security vulnerabilities in your information systems and receive experts remediation recommendation.

  • Fully managed service: configuration, governance, support
  • Covers all your external assets types: websites, switches, routers, hubs, firewalls, servers, workstations, etc.
  • Delivers standard or customised advanced reporting to fit your audience needs (managerial synthesis, technical and recommendation report)

Voice By-pass detection

A set of advanced by-pass protection services based on test calls, machine learning and SIM Box location

  • Cutting edge technologies
  • Permanent protection or discreet randomised anti-fraud campaigns
  • Alerts for automatic cut or manual treatment
  • Try-then-buy principle


Get the best in voice services with the Orange Platinum and Platinum Full IP offers.

  • Anti-fraud solutions for security at risky destinations
  • 100% use of bilateral and platinum providers to ensure the highest levels of quality (including reception of CLI)
  • High prioritisation of trouble tickets

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