Customer satisfaction is on the rise

On 02-02-2023
Reading time : 2 minutes

Every year, Orange Wholesale International conducts a satisfaction survey to take the pulse of its customers. It also helps us improve our services and to give an ever-better customer experience. For the 2022 survey of a representative sample of customers, the results show a huge leap forward in the quality of our relationship, with Net Promoter Score up 9 points in a year. 

A first-class customer experience 

The results are outstanding and demonstrate that we’re on the right path. Our Net Promoter Score jumped from 24 to 33 points. This is a huge rise in just a year!  For Tristan Rayroles, Customer Experience Director at Orange Wholesale International, “this spectacular performance confirms our customers’ growing trust, which is the fruit of a unique and constructive relationship. This figure also crowns the portfolio of solutions we offer, confirming the highly positive trend in this field. We listen to our customers and act accordingly.”  

A positive trend with new challenges in sight 

Over 9 out of 10 customers are satisfied with the relationship they have with their sales representatives at Orange Wholesale International. They also hugely appreciate our strong voice offering as well as our messaging solutions and bandwidth solutions, a result echoing the awards received by Orange Wholesale International recently. 

At the same time, 60% of them say we are easy to work with and 50% are resolute promoters of our brand. This performance is the result of long-term work and continuous improvements to the services we provide to meet their needs and to deliver first-class digital customer experience. Offering responsiveness, agility, and co-constructed solutions is our top priority. And by 2025, our ultimate goal is to achieve a 40-point NPS. 


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