Designing and Delivering enriched connectivity 

On 04-01-2022
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There is no question about it, the pandemic has triggered a quantum leap in the digital transformation and, as a result, connectivity requirements have been transformed forever. Expectations are now all about automated, virtualized, seamless, secured networks that offer both global reach and real-time scalable bandwidth. 

What lies beyond connectivity 

Connectivity is definitely the cornerstone of society which gives us, carriers, a unique position. Our challenge is now to stay relevant and develop capabilities to enable the digital society. To remain valuable partners in this new world, we therefore have to offer stronger and more responsive networks, but also go beyond connectivity to propose personalized digital customer journeys, monetization solutions, security design options and green technologies.

Looking ahead, the full introduction of 5G will accelerate the digital shift, while intensifying the verticalization of our industry, triggering the move away from a one-size-fits-all environment towards an hyper-personalization and hyper-virtualization of the entire value-chain. Standard and automized network functions shall enable tailored solutions to support the unique use cases of our customers: this is the new foundation of our business. We have the acumen to make this shift, which involves offering both leading-edge global connectivity and value-added personalized solutions on top.

Orange is your trusted partner

At Orange we fully embrace this vision of our role as a leading international carrier. We make global connectivity more agile and secured thanks to our New Generation International Network supported by our 450,000 km of submarine cables, 45,000 km of terrestrial fiber network and 450 PoPs. Sustainability is at the heart of our Orange strategic project Engage 2025 and we target for instance that 50% of our electricity consumption will be from sustainable sources by 2025.
Moreover, we take the time to listen to our customers’ needs, no matter their size, and we respond. A direct result is our flexible product portfolio, structured with three service levels across our lines of solutions: Essential, Dynamic and Intense. From there, we go the extra mile to bring you the best of both worlds with our digital eCare platform, which is underpinned by personalized human support no matter where you are in the world. 

At Orange we have the long-term vision, the capabilities, and most importantly the will to be your trusted partner as we continue our journey beyond connectivity.

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