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Orange's EVPL, reaching 350+ data centers with an end-to-end service

On 13-04-2022
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With our EVPL (Ethernet Virtual Private Line) service, we can provide you with an e-line service over the Orange MPLS network. This point-to-point circuit is a scalable and flexible solution available from 2 Mbps up to 10 Gbps, for your customers or your own needs. It is also possible to increase capacity without service interruption, so we can meet all your requirements. 

A wider reach and a unique geographic position for global connectivity

Thanks to our presence in 350+ locations, we can offer you extended coverage with outstanding geographic reach in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas. Intra-Africa connectivity is now available with data centers reachable directly from any point on the continent thanks to our growing coverage. You can then rely on Orange Wholesale International’ expertise with native protection of your Ethernet connectivity based on our MPLS backbone redundancy. 

EVPL, connecting you to Cloud services

Because your customers need reliable global connectivity and high quality of service when using critical applications hosted in the Cloud, we have linked the Orange EVPL network to leading Cloud service providers. EVPL sets up a dedicated private connection between your customers’ sites worldwide and Cloud service providers, with a high-performance and low RTD connectivity solution. 

Easy to order EVPL, with secure connection, and 24/7 Orange supervision

Prices are simple and standardized, as EVPL services are immediately available online on our eCare portal. First, we verify the feasibility of your order. Then, we offer you a unique point of contact within Orange to process and set up your EVPL access. Three distinct levels of service are available - Essential, Dynamic, Intense - each one providing a different type of SLA. Last but not least, Orange local experts supervise the service on a 24/7 basis.

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