Flexibility and agility are the engine of your evolution

On 04-01-2022
Reading time : 3 minutes

Customers’ expectations are now all about dependable, pervasive, and seamless connectivity. Gone are the days where one-size-fits-all solutions were good enough.

Empowering a new breed of operators

Today’s operators are expected to scale connectivity in real-time, while redefining their customer interaction towards a digital model. They must also learn to innovate quickly and adopt rapid decision-making processes across the board, so that they can launch services in a matter of weeks.

Bandwidth-hungry usage will only continue to grow exponentially, so operators must keep up with the demand on a global basis. Additionally, latency sensitive applications are around the corner, moving high quality and security to the top of the list of priorities.

Operators of the future must therefore reinvent themselves and commit to providing high-quality, nimble, self-serve, personalized solutions to their whole customer ecosystem.

Orange new generation international network 

Orange’s new generation international network combines the extensive footprint of a B2B network with the high bandwidth of a wholesale network. With an upcoming SDN infra layer of 100 points that will pave the way for a massive virtualization of network functions such as access, security, voice, roaming. This will provide a clear separation between the infrastructure and service layers and hence allow more flexibility and adaptability, as well as greater cost-efficiency. It will also enable operators to reduce the deployment time of new services from months to just a few clicks, in any of our Points of Presence.

Our ultimate goal is zero-touch provisioning, where operators can use automation tools for all their network and service configuration needs. We provide the highest quality of service with a latency of less than 10ms for 80% of our customers, a feature that is becoming critical in today’s real-time world.

Our new fully software-defined and automated network has all the attributes required to power your future digital evolution: simplicity, efficiency, control and agility.

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