FPT International Telecom delivers high-quality internet services by means of Orange International Carrier’s IP Transit

On 27-07-2022
Reading time : 3 minutes

FPT International Telecom is one of the top 3 largest internet services providers in Vietnam and has been existing since 1997, the year the internet was introduced to the country.

They are part of the FPT Telecom group, which is the largest information technology service company in Vietnam whose business extends in sectors such as information technology, education, and retail.

FPT International Telecom has been providing outsourcing services for Orange Business Services and through this good business relationship, they were introduced to Orange Wholesale International.

Huge demand for top performing internet services from customers

Vu Khac Hung, Business Development Manager of FPT International Telecom mentioned that there was a huge demand for high quality and high resiliency connection to Europe from both their B2B and B2C customers. Hung adds: “We have been subscribed to Orange International Carrier’s IP transit for almost 3 years now and have chosen them because their service is highly resilient. We get good quality of service, good support from their sales team, and lastly, they offer flexibility in pricing”. The IP transit connection is established from Frankfurt, Germany.

A subsequent business partnership

FPT International Telecom’s satisfaction extends to the fact that the service delivery has been smooth with quick and efficient responses from the sales and technical teams. As the demand for good internet services increases in Vietnam, Hung concludes: “Great quality service is becoming more and more of a demand in Vietnam, so I foresee further business in the future with Orange Wholesale International to meet these demands.”

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