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GSMA WAS#16: Let's meet in Cape Town

On 11-07-2022
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Orange Wholesale International is participating in the WAS#16, from September 19-22, 2022, in Cape Town, South Africa. With experts coming from across the mobile ecosystem, challenges and opportunities from the transforming mobile landscape will be discussed. Our onsite representatives will be pleased to discuss with you about our range of innovative solutions and together we will find the right ones for you. Book an appointment with them right now!

What Orange Wholesale International brings to its customers 

We propose one of the largest portfolios of wholesale services on the market. With over 20 years of experience, we offer you robust solutions and value-added services to support your growing roaming revenues. We supply a broad range of services covering IPX transport, signaling, Roaming Hub, Roaming Sponsor and a large catalogue of Value-Added Services including for example Security solutions and Steering of Roaming.  

On Messaging, we are a trusted partner on A2P, P2P monetization through reliable platforms bound with our dedicated Messaging Security solutions. In our continuous work to develop new services, we will extend our portfolio with the Signaling 5G Stand Alone offer. With this solution you will be able to offer your customers a considerable service evolution while they are traveling abroad.  

With a full portfolio of roaming management solutions, we support the development of roaming business of Orange entities and of many other customers around the world. 

A success story: Our Roaming Big Data services

Roaming business is becoming more and more challenging due to, among other reasons, regulations around the world, and the decrease of revenues despite the increase of traffic. This is the reason why operators need to reinvent their business in order to make it profitable. Thanks to our Roaming Big Data services, awarded twice in 2022 at the MEFFYS and GCCM ceremonies, we support you to re-imagine your business model and optimize your roaming revenue. You can benefit from a 360° overview of outbound and inbound roaming to implement an innovative and successful global roaming business strategy. You will find KPIs useful for main business use-case such as permanent roaming, silent roamers, big consumers, M2M traffic. All this in a flexible and user-friendly way. 

A worldwide player with a global footprint

As an international full-service supplier with solutions for MNO and MVNO, Orange Wholesale International bring you an autonomous and secure experience. We rely on our extensive terrestrial network, 450,000km of submarine cables around the world and more than 450 Points of Presence to grant you an unparalleled global reach. Orange Wholesale International supports you as your needs evolve. 

Orange Wholesale International is an integrated player present in both retail and wholesale markets. We have access to over 271 million clients and our strong wholesale-retail partnerships drive the quality and innovation that stimulate new uses and keep us at the forefront of value creation. We have a hands-on understanding of all retail telecommunications markets and how to bring value to them. In wholesale, our proven track record and our policy of building long-term partnerships has earned us the trust of carriers and service providers all around the world. Our comprehensive product portfolio includes messaging, roaming, voice, IP&Content, bandwidth and security/anti-fraud solutions. 

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