IIJ America reinforce their global services through the Dunant cable

On 21-01-2022
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Tokyo-based company Internet Initiative Japan (IIJ) is the first commercial Internet Service Provider in the country founded in 1992. They offer computer network services, value-added outsourcing services, cloud computing, WAN services, and systems integration services. They are very prominent thanks to their PoPs in the North American region and parts of the Asian region. 

Their American subsidiary was seeking to create a connection in the African region and the Middle East and improve their traffic in these areas. Keigo Kobayashi, IIJ America’s Manager of their Network Integration Department mentions: “Our main traffic point is Japan and last year, we only had traffic from the United States to Europe, and Europe to Japan. We wanted to upgrade our traffic globally and this year, we’ve achieved our goal”. 

In choosing Orange as their provider, Kobayashi explains: “Orange Wholesale International has a strong relationship with IIJ and as a Tier 1 company in ISPs, I’m aware of the strength of Orange’s business in Africa and the Middle East, and we are very keen to have traffic in these regions. Once we started to use Orange’s service, it turns out that Orange has strong connectivity in Europe, Africa, and Asia and so on.”

Additionally, in terms of service satisfaction, Kobayashi commends the quick response Orange Wholesale International provide whenever his company raises trouble tickets.

Initiating connection of Japanese companies to Africa and the Middle East

With these solutions, IIJ America sees their business developing as they open the opportunity for a lot of Japanese clients to gain connection mainly in Africa and the Middle East. Kobayashi says; “a lot of Japanese companies do not reach these areas at the moment and that’s why we want to initiate this connection for the near future through Orange Wholesale International”.

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